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Fishing & Fly Fishing or Fish & Wildlife Management

October 27 | 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
Camp Warren Levis
(Scouts must choose one merit badge to work on during the day)

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Join us at Camp Warren Levis for a unique merit badge workshop on Fishing & Fly Fishing or Fish and Wildlife Management. We provide the needed gear and teachers, and together we will work on the merit badges.


The merit badge will be taught in a series of rotating sessions on different topics. You will be signed off for the requirements that you complete.

Merit badge requirements include catching a fish. We cannot guarantee you will catch a fish on this day, but we will give you the opportunity!

*Please wear your Class A Uniform for the day.

Blue cards ARE NOT needed and will NOT be accepted for this event. They may be printed out from your original online registration beginning the Friday after the event. Please allow the office staff those few days to enter all of the information before you contact them asking for the blue cards.