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Public Health

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Thursday, May 31, 2018
St. Louis County Public Health Department
6121 N. Hanley, Berkeley, MO 63134
8:15 – 11:45 a.m.


Prerequisites: Scouts must complete requirement 5a or 5b.

With your parent’s and counselor’s approval, do ONE of the following:

  1. Visit a municipal wastewater treatment facility or a solid-waste management operation in your community. Describe how the facility safely treats and disposes of sewage or solid waste. Describe how sewage and solid waste should be disposed of under wilderness camping conditions OR visit the mosquito abatement district facility in your community. Tell how your community attempts to control the mosquito population and why.
  2. Arrange to meet with the food service manager of a food service facility (such as a restaurant or school cafeteria) and visit this establishment. Observe food preparation, handling, and storage, and learn how the facility keeps foods from becoming contaminated. Find out what conditions allow microorganisms to multiply in food and how conditions can be controlled to help prevent the growth and dissemination of microorganisms. Learn how microorganisms in food can be killed. Discuss what you learned with your counselor.

Bring a blue merit badge card signed by your Scoutmaster. Please fill out your information on the card before the program.

Also, eat a good breakfast before the event.  No food or drink is allowed in the facility!

For questions, contact Julie Unk at

Workshop limited to 40 Scouts.