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Beacon Award

Show us how you’ve enhanced Scouting’s image!

Beacon Award Application

*The Beacon Award will be discontinued in 2018.

The Beacon Award is presented to Scout units who enhance the image of Scouting in the community. It is limited to one award per unit, per calendar year. This award is intended to recognize units that organize and perform their own Scouting activities, not council-led activities.

There are two ways for your unit to earn the award:

  1. Send in a newspaper clipping of an article or photograph that shows your unit completing an activity that positively displays the Scouting program to the general public.
  2. Plan and complete a simple activity that positively displays the Scouting program to the general public.

Some examples:

Take a photograph of your Scouts in action at the event. Scouts should wear as complete a uniform as they possess, unless the event calls for work clothes or “grubbies.” Complete the Beacon Award Application (links above) or send an email with the information and photo as an attachment to Christine Rasure, director of marketing and communications. The information also can be sent to a local community newspaper or a school or church bulletin for possible publication. If a photograph or an article is published, include a copy of the page with your application.

Photographs can be mailed or digital photographs can be emailed as an attachment. Please do not embed the photograph in an email or in a Word document. Include the names of Scouts or leaders in the photograph. The photographs may be published in the Duffle Bag (as space allows) or on the council’s website with limited identification for privacy and safety.

For more information, contact Christine Rasure or your district’s public relations chairman.

-If your unit performed a community service project, don’t forget to log your service hours!