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Duty to God

Religious Emblems Program
Every Scout has the opportunity to earn their faith’s religious emblem which can be worn on their uniform as a youth or an adult. Religious emblems will fulfill Duty to God adventure requirements for Cub Scouts, Scout Spirit requirements for Scouts BSA and TRUST award for Venturing.

Click on the faiths listed below for a map of congregations participating in the Religious Emblems program

African Methodist Episcopal
Assembly of God
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Christian Church
Christian Scientist
Church of Christ
Church of God
Church of the Nazarene
Disciples of Christ
Eastern Orthodox
Seventh Day Adventist
Unitarian Universalist
United Church of Christ
United Methodist

Steps to earn Religious Emblems
Here are the 5 steps to earn a religious emblem in Scouting:

  1. Books: Obtain the specific booklet for your faith tradition. Materials needed can be found at our Scout Shops, through your faith tradition’s website or online.
  2. Parental involvement: Parents should review the emblem guidelines. Some programs require clergy to serve as counselors, other programs allow family to serve as counselors or mentors.
  3. Religious leaders: Families should talk to their religious leaders before beginning a program.
  4. Find a location offering your emblem:  If your local faith community does not offer the religious emblem programs, Use the links below to find the closest location for your faith.
  5. Complete requirements: The scout needs to complete the requirements, obtain approval as required, and follow the instructions to order the recognition/emblem.

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Visit the Boy Scouts of America ‘s Religious Emblems page for additional information.

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