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Life to Eagle

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You will find below, the process you need to follow as you begin the final stages of your trail to Eagle journey.

***VERY IMPORTANT*** You cannot begin work on your project until you have signatures from the above four. Failure to comply will result in disqualification of your project. You will start over with a new project.

  1. You must call Eagle board chairman Lloyd Reinkensmeier—phone 618/214-7094, email or Asst. Eagle board chairman, Jeff Schatz-618-972-3716 to schedule your project approval review.
  2. After your project is approved, you may apply at this link for possible source of funding for your project.     This is based on merit and is competitive.
  3. Keep detailed records of your project and prepare your report of completion.

If you have a Scout ready to start the Eagle Trail please contact Lloyd Reinkensmeier 618-214-7094 or Jeff Schatz 618-972-3716

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