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S-F Ranch Dining Hall Nearing Completion

February 01, 2015

Last fall, the Greater St. Louis Area Council broke ground on a new 16,000 square-foot dining hall and central commissary at S bar F Scout Ranch. Six months later, the structure has made significant progress and is on schedule to be completed in time for 2015 summer camp.

Located at Camp Famous Eagle, the dining hall will seat over 400 campers, double as a storm shelter and program shelter during inclement weather, and serve as a commissary for all four camps on The Ranch (Camp Gamble, Camp Famous Eagle, Camp Sakima and Swift Base).

Troops will continue to have the option for patrol cooking giving Scouts more options at camp. The dining hall also allows more time for programming and transforms The Ranch into a year-round program facility.

Patrol-style cooking is an important element in the Scouting program offering plenty of important lessons. However, what works for one Scout troop doesn’t work for all Scout troops. Think about a brand new Scout unit that has not had enough time to learn how to cook over a camp stove. Sometimes units can’t afford proper equipment. Or what about a troop that camps every single month, always using the patrol-style cooking method, that wants to take advantage of valuable program time during summer camp.

For these reasons and more, the Greater St. Louis Area Council is proud to have the ability to offer Scouts options in their summer camp experience.

Check out the timeline below to see the progress on the dining hall.

September 5 Dining hall Sept. 6
November 18 Dining hall Nov 18
December 17 Dining hall 12-17
January 21 dining hall jan. 21
February 5 dining hall feb. 5