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Popcorn Success Provides Full Year Of Scouting

February 28, 2017

It’s no secret that popcorn sales can generate enough income to financially support your Scouting program for an entire year.

Just ask Pack 35, chartered to the United Church of Christ in O’Fallon, Ill., in the St. Clair District.

“We are fully funded through popcorn,” said Lisa Schaefer, Pack 35’s popcorn kernel. “The parents don’t pay for anything. We have everything that they would need to use. In the last few years we bought a trailer and all of our gear is put in the trailer.

“Our parents coming into Pack 35, they are told from the start this is the thing you do,” added Lisa. “I tell the parents they will not have to pay for anything. They do this one fundraiser with me for four to five weeks, and they’re done.”

Affectionately known as the popcorn queen, Lisa makes it easy for parents by doing all of the preparation. She begins planning well in advance and reserves Show ‘n’ Sell sites early. And to reserve, she doesn’t call, she goes to each store to meet the manager face-to-face. She explains the sale and why it is important. A week prior to the Show ‘n’ Sell, Lisa follows up one last time to confirm all of the details.

“You have to have somebody who’s very passionate about it. Someone who really wants the pack to succeed and the boys to succeed,” Lisa said. “I want all my boys to go to camp.”

At the August pack meeting, Lisa goes over everything about the sale with parents explaining exactly what to do and how to do it. They also sign up for Show ‘n’ Sell shifts. In the meantime, the Cubmaster gets the kids all fired up about the sale going over prizes, performing a few skits, and then showing a couple training movies.

“The kids aren’t just sitting behind a table. They’re out there, holding a bag of popcorn, talking to people,” Lisa said about Show ‘n’ Sells. “The boys learn from this. It gets us out into the community. It’s all about community relations and building their self-esteem.

“You have to have fun with it. I try to make it as easy as I can.”