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Favorite Camp Memories

May 04, 2017

Scout camp changes lives. It did for me. My favorite camp memory took place almost 50 years ago. It was the first time I hiked up Mt. Stevens.

As a kid growing up in an urban environment, I had never gone camping, hiking or into the woods much. Our Scout camp, Camp Read, was in the mountains of upstate New York. One of the activities was hiking up this mountain, picking blueberries at the top, and then baking blueberry pies in dutch ovens back in our campsite. It took almost the whole day. As one of the smallest kids in our troop, the hike was quite an effort, but a great feeling of accomplishment. At the top I was rewarded with the most amazing view. You could see forever: other mountains, lakes, and our camp far below. The air was clean and clear. There were also enough blueberries to fill your stomach and a big bucket for use in the pies. For me and many of the kids in our troop, it was our favorite activity.

Now, almost 50 years later, I still go back every year and climb Mt. Stevens and think about how fortunate I am to have had those Scouting experiences that have shaped my life.

Research has shown that kids who go to summer camp, stay in the Scouting program longer. We also learned through the recent Tufts University Study that the more time kids spend in Scouting, the better outcomes in character development. But the one thing we don’t need research to prove is that summer camp is fun!

Don’t let your Scouts miss out on these memorable experiences. Be sure to head over to to find your summer adventure.

– Ronald S. Green