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Show Us How Your Scout Stands Out

September 07, 2018

Has your Scout ever dreamed of walking on the moon, winning the Super Bowl, being elected to office or more? They’re not alone! For more than 100 years, millions of Scouts have done the same and have seen their dreams through. Scouts stand out.

The Greater St. Louis Area Council wants to empower the next generation of thinkers, doers, and creators — that’s why we’re encouraging Scouts and their families to share the many opportunities that Scouting offers on this tag.

Get Future Status tags at all service centers, during roundtable, from your district executive, or download your own from the link below.

Click here to download the Future Status Tag

Here’s how to join in:

  1. In the Current Status line of the tag, write the merit badge or adventure your Scout is working on now or what they want to work on next.
  2. In the Future Status line, write down their future goal that ties into that merit badge or adventure.
  3. Take a picture of your Scout(s) with their tag and share it with your friends and family through your favorite social media channel (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  4. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ScoutsStandOut. You might even see your Scout on our page!

Need help thinking of something to say with your picture? Here are some examples to help get you started:

  • (Scout’s name) is working towards his/her astronomy merit badge because he’s/she’s determined to be the first person to visit Mars. #ScoutsStandOut
  • Look out (location ie. Tower Grove South), (Scout’s name) is looking to be your Fire Chief in 2045! #ScoutsStandOut
  • Toasters beware, (Scout’s name)’s ready to tackle the big bots. #ScoutsStandOut

With your help, we can show the world that Scouting goes beyond fun — it’s about preparing leaders for the future.