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It’s Popcorn Time!

August 16, 2019

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So you’ve got a great program plan, but how are you going to pay for it? Fund your entire Scouting year with Popcorn Sales!

Selling popcorn helps reduce out-of-pocket expenses for Scouting families. Money earned can be used to cover camporees, Pinewood Derby races, equipment, badges and advancement, and summer camp.

The popcorn sale benefits…
Your Unit: Funds our Ideal Year of Scouting—pays for special activities, awards, equipment, and camp.

Your Scouts: Builds personal sense of responsibility as well as skills in leadership, goal-setting, budgeting, handling rejection, perseverance, and salesmanship; Scouts can also use their experience towards a merit badge (Personal Management, Communications, Public Speaking, American Business)

Your Council: Raises money for improving activities and camping programs.

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In 2019, Popcorn sales provided:

  • New tents at camp $16,000
  • New tent platforms $16,000
  • New tables and chairs at Beaumont $42,500
  • Swimming dock at Camp Joy $14,000
  • New water well at Camp Lewallen $7,000
  • Camp Truck at Rhodes France $35,000
  • Stand up paddle boards at Rhodes France $5,000
  • New speedboat at S bar F $25,000
  • New boat dock and kitchen equipment at Warren Levis $28,000
  • $120,000 in Camperships for Scouts in need