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Plan Now For A Successful Sign-Up Night

August 19, 2019

Click here for recruitment resources.

Every child needs Scouting’s values: life-changing and life-directing character traits, decision-making abilities, and teamwork and leadership skills. Children need mentors and positive adult role models in their lives. Scouting provides those in a structured, fun environment.

Compared to their non-Scout peers, Scouts grow up to do better in school,
graduate from high school and college at a higher rate, value and practice their
faith more consistently, are more financially responsible, attain higher incomes and home ownership, report higher confidence in their abilities and satisfaction with their lives, and give back to their communities.

Because you give time and effort to Scouting, kids will have the advantages in life they may not otherwise have. However, kids will not get all that you and Scouting have to offer if they don’t join. It all starts with giving every eligible child the opportunity to join. It starts with you!

Visit for the complete recruitment guide full of helpful tips and step-by-step instructions for welcoming new families into the Boy Scouts of America.