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April 12, 2017

Morning Session; Saturday, 8:30 to 11:45 AM – The Great Race 

Each Troop at the camporee will be able to pick five of its boys to compete as a team against other troops. Awards will be given to the fastest Troop and the fastest time overall individual.

Troops are advised to bring their own mountain bikes and helmets to the camporee to compete in this event. S-F bikes and helmets will also be available as needed for those without their own bikes or helmets. All personal equipment must be in safe working condition.

Troop teams will sign up with the Camporee Staff to get a start time. Check in at your time at the Seton Hollow Mountain Bike Trailhead located on the western edge of the Camporee Field just south of Wentzel Lodge. Look for the bikes. If you are using the camp’s bikes instead of your own, show up early so we can set up the bikes to fit the boys riding them. Each team will receive a safety briefing before they ride.

Troops will be scheduled at 20-minute intervals to ride the North Loop of the trail, a 1.5-mile beginner-level trail. (see attached map of the Seton Hollow Trails. Each team member will be separated by a 2-minute starting interval. All five members of each team will be individually timed on completion of their loop and the combined time will be the score for their troop. The Troop with the fastest combined time is the winner.

The trail is well marked, @ 24 inches wide, with typical turns, rocks and grade reversals. It is rocky but there are no obstructions. There is less than 100-ft. of elevation change over the course of the trail. Camporee staff will be positioned along the entire length of the course as safety monitors. See the map below to check out our trail.

Afternoon Session; Saturday, 1:30 to 4:45 PM – Mountain Bike Basics Training Course for Adult Leaders –

An IMBA certified Mountain Bike Instructor will teach a 30-minute basic mountain biking course for adult troop leaders, followed by a training group ride. Courses are scheduled for 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM and last about 2 hours. Each course is limited to 8 students on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up for these courses in advance at the Camporee HQ. Courses are limited to 8 riders plus staff.

All mountain biking will be subject to weather conditions. We will not ride a wet trail.

For information about this program or about mountain biking in general, contact Greg Nelson by email;

  • The Boone Trails Spring Camporee Great Bike Race will be on the NORTH LOOP. 
  • That’s the one with the light green tint and green paint trail markers on trees along the trail. 
  • The race starts and ends at the Trailhead. 
  • The training course will ride the SOUTH LOOP. 


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