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Winter Klondike is January 12, 2019 – Location: Beaumont Scout Reservation
Register here!

Join us at the Boone Trails District Winter Klondike event! This year’s theme is “Arctic Adventure”! The event will be held on January 12, on the Scoutcraft Field at Beaumont Scout Reservation. Our event will incorporate the Klondike Derby as well as many other arctic theme activities and is open to both Boy Scouts and Venturing Scouts.The cost is $5 per person* which includes the event patch and all the FUN. We will have some optional purchases as well. For an $5, you can pre-purchase lunch from the OFP**. You can also purchase a Boone Trails beanie cap for an additional $6***.

We’d love to see all our units out for the day!

Coffee Klatch for the Adults is a great opportunity to network with other leaders… and, you know, there’s COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS!

Note: there will be a Klondike race… bring your sled! If you don’t have one, let us know – we will do our best to assist! If you choose not to race, that’s ok, join us anyway! We have a full day of activity planned! Please refer to the Klondike manual (in the attachments) for derby, activity and competition rules and sled requirements.

*$5 online registration ends Jan 10. Walk-in price is $7 and is not eligible for the OFP lunch.
**Cutoff for OFP lunch is January 2
***Cutoff date to receive the beanie is Dec. 28



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