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Pinewood Derby

District race will take place on Saturday, March 10th 2018 at the Collinsville VFW located on 1234 Vandalia St Collinsville, IL 62234. Registration will begin at 8 AM with Races beginning at 9 AM. Race Slots will be determined

To Register, visit:

Awards will be presented to 1st-4th place winners for each rank, in addition to sportsmanship and best design commendations.

2018 Cahokia Mounds District Pinewood Derby Rules

Click here for a downloadable PDF copy of the 2018 Rulebook

Eligibility – Each unit may select up to 4 racers per den (not to exceed 20 racers per Pack) to participate at the District-level race. Pack leaders and parents are strongly encouraged to hold qualifying races at the unit level using the rules and standards described in this document.

  1. Width: Overall width shall not exceed 2-3/4th inches. All cars must have an area 3/8th inches wide and no higher than 7/8th inches from the ground at the front and center of the car to be able to line up equal with the other cars and remain equal as the starting system of the track releases the car. No items are allowed to extend out past this front area of the car.
  2. Length: Overall length shall not exceed 7 inches
  3. Height: Overall height shall not exceed 2-3/4th inches so as to clear scoring light bar at the finish line.
  4. Weight: Total weight shall not exceed 5 ounces.
  5. Wheels: Must be BSA stock wheels. You may however, sand off the seam that was formed on the wheel during the manufacturing process. Wheel tread must remain flat. No other shaping of the wheel is allowed (reduction of weight, addition of weight, narrowing of tread, shaping, machining, sawing wheels in half from tread to tread). No other materials of any kind can be added to or adhered to the wheels. The only exceptions being painting the center “spokes” of the wheels and lubrication material. Wheels must be no smaller than 1.180 and wheel width must be no smaller .360. Wheels will be checked with a go/no go gauge.
  6. Bearings: No bearings or bushings of any kind are allowed
  7. Springs: The race car shall not be allowed to ride on any type or style of suspension, including springs.
  8. Axles & axle slots: Must be BSA stock axles. Axles and axle slots must remain 4-3/8th inches + or – 1/16th of an inch from center to center. Axle slots shall remain 1-3/4th inches wide to fit over the track rail. Bending of the axles so as to cause the wheels to ride on the inside or outside of the tread or to ride the rail is illegal. The full width of the tire tread surface of at least 3 tires must make contact with the track surface.
  9. Block of wood: Pine block of wood shall be used. Precut cars are acceptable, as long as they are of pine and meet all rules, specifications, and regulations.
  10. Clearance: The lowest part of the car body, including weights, is to be no less than 3/8th inches from the ground. If the car body is not at this height, it may not clear the track.
  11. Lubrication: Any and all lubrication shall be done prior to being registered. No lubrication may be applied after the car has been registered and checked in. BSA Krytox lubricant will be permitted (please use responsibly to avoid any excess falling on the track).
  12. Assembly: All race cars are to be fully assembled before being registered. The car must have been made during the current scout year in which the derby is being held. The scout year is from September to August.
  13. Weights: Stock weights are recommended and can be obtained at the council trading post or A&R paints and crafts. Liquid or movable weights of any kind are not permitted.
  14. Inspection: Each race car must pass the inspection process at the time of registration. The inspectors have the right to disqualify any and all race cars which do not meet the rules and regulations of the race listed here.
  15. Inspection/registration procedure: When the scout arrives, please go to the registration table and give your name, council unit number, and den (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos 1 & 2). A race number will be placed on the rear of the race car and this number will be marked on each scout’s hand. Please make sure that the scout knows his number. Then proceed through the inspection process. When the car passes this inspection, your car will be placed on the holding table. You are now free to do as you wish until the announcement is made to start the race. Once your race car has been placed on the holding table, the car will not be handled or worked on unless there has been an accident which requires immediate attention.
  16. Race time: All scouts and spectators will stay back from the roped off area. An area of approximately 4 feet on any side of the track must be kept clear so that there is sufficient room for the judges, starter, and runners who retrieve the cars after the race.
  17. The heats: When the scout’s name or number is called, a member of the race committee (runner) will place the scout’s car on the starting line. When the race is completed, the car will be brought back to the staging area by the runner. No one is allowed to touch the cars after being submitted to the staging area, unless directed to do so by the race committee.
  18. Jumping lanes: If a car leaves the track, runs out of its lane, interferes with another car, the race will be rerun. The race committee will inspect the track. A group of test cars will run without having any incidents. Once this is done, the track will be recertified and the car in question will be repaired, recertified as per above, and the heat will be rerun in the same lanes as before. If the above procedures are followed and the car in question again leaves the track, runs out of its lane, or interferes with another car, it will be automatically disqualified from competition. The remaining cars in the heat will then be rerun on their same lanes to complete the heat.
  19. Tie breaking: In the event of a tie after all 3 or 4 races, the following procedures will be followed;
  20. The tying cars will race again, then change lanes and race again.
  21. If there is no winner, the cars will be raced backwards.
  22. If there is still no winner, the cars will change lanes again and race backwards.
  23. If there is still no clear winner, the race committee will make the final decision. This decision will be final.
  24. Race committee: The decision of the race committee on all matters is final.
  25. Car entry: Each boy shall have his own derby car. Each boy shall race at his rank level at the time of his unit’s pinewood derby.
  26. Protest/complaint: Any and all protests and complaints must be made to the race committee complaint officer immediately at the time of the incident by the racer “scout” himself. Please be courteous and sportsman-like when voicing your protests. Remember, we are trying to instill good sportsmanship, respect, and courtesy to the youth who are present. The adult leaders who are working at these races are volunteers.
  27. Disqualification: Disqualification means you are eliminated from further participation in any more races at the event.
  28. Disclaimer: Rules are subject to change under the discretion of the race committee.
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