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Friends of Scouting
The life-changing programs that Scouting offers aren’t covered by membership fees alone. To help make sure that everyone has the ability to benefit from Scouting programs, no matter where they live or what their financial situation is, we need your help. Any gift, regardless of size, creates opportunities for Scouts to learn, explore and grow.  Visit the Council Friends of Scouting Resources website for resources. You can now also text COHEN20 to the number 91999 and submit a text-to-give gift! 


Popcorn Sales
Popcorn sales represent an opportunity for Scouts to earn money for themselves and their Troops.  Scouts may also earn prizes if certain sales goals are met.  To maximize returns, Troops must appoint a “Popcorn Colonel”, who must attend a kickoff training meeting.  For more information, visit the Council Popcorn Sales website.


Camp Card Sales
Camp Card sales can help your unit generate money to deliver the Scouting program! Scouts sell coupon cards for $5 and keep $2.50 to help defray the costs of registration, summer camp, uniforms, or equipment!  This program is risk free! Turn in any unsold cards with no penalty. There is no upfront cost. For updated Camp Card sales information, visit the Council Camp Card Sales website.

You can now participate in our Front-line Worker Camp Card sale! For more information visit this page.

2020 Camp Card Return Sheet


Other Fundraising
Whenever your unit is planning a money-earning project, other than Council-coordinated programs such as popcorn or camp card sales, a money-earning application must be filled out at least two weeks prior to the proposed date of your project.  The application is available at the Council website.

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