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High Adventure

Welcome to the Cahokia Mounds District High Adventure webpage!  We hope you’ll find the resources here that you will need to have a successful high adventure program with your Troop.

High adventure can mean a lot of things to different people.  It doesn’t necessarily mean high-adrenaline (like skydiving), but it does involve getting out of your comfort zone, and it usually involves getting outside.  High adventure programs help Scouts gain self-confidence, as they rely more on themselves and their fellow Scouts in facing the challenges of the activity.  They provide a different level of fun and autonomy, especially for older Scouts.  They also inspire a deeper appreciation for our natural world.

Successful high adventure programs are not just about taking trips to the main BSA bases; these programs can be incorporated into a Troop’s regular program.  Scouts of any age can participate in age-appropriate activities which will prepare them well for greater adventures when they are older.  High adventure programs also help keep Scouts active in their Troops for longer.

Volunteer Advisors
In addition to the information resources presented on this website, the Cahokia Mounds District also provides assistance to Troops with their high adventure programs by offering volunteers with experience in these programs to advise them in their quest for high adventure.  To arrange for a volunteer to speak with your Troop, ask a question, or whatever, contact one of the members of the District High Adventure Committee:

Also contact them if you have high adventure experience, and you’d like to become a volunteer to advise Troops!

Be Prepared!
So what do Troops need in order to be prepared for high adventure?  They need:

Where to Go.  High adventure opportunities abound, from local options, to the BSA High Adventure bases, to other locations in the U.S. and around the world.  Click here to access our page on High Adventure trips and bases.

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