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High Adventure Gear

What to Buy
Learning about gear is a never-ending process.  There’s always more to know about selecting and using the gear for your adventure that will make it safer and more enjoyable.  Our best advice is to talk to others, whether it’s experts who have years of experience, or others in your Troop who are also looking to find the best gear at the best prices.  You should always try to talk to someone before making a gear purchase, even for something as simple as socks (the right socks make all the difference!)

Here are a few basic bits of advice on gear:

Where to Buy It

High adventure gear is available from a number of online and local resources.

BSA Scout Shops
The BSA Scout shops have lots of official Scout gear, patches, books, outdoor clothing, and other camping-related gear.

BSA Base Stores

The stores at each of the BSA high-adventure bases carry a wide selection of outdoor gear, which is largely focused on the type of adventure available at each base.  The gear is offered at reasonable prices.

Online Gear Stores
There are quite a few online gear stores.  These are just a few.  Note:  inclusion in this page does not constitute endorsement of the store or services.

Local (St. Louis Area) Outdoor Gear Stores

Cahokia Mounds