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Ideal Pack Program is an incentive program to reward packs for robust year-long programs.

STEP 1 – Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Unit Commissioner or District Executive at least once a year about pack program

STEP 2 – Submit Pack calendar & budget – there must be at least one Pack activity each month of the year

STEP 3 – Train at least 65% of den leaders & have cubmaster fully trained – have all adult leaders complete their required trainings for their positions

STEP 4Register 50% of your Cub Scouts to attend at least one summer camp (overnight, day/twilight, or family camp)

STEP 5 – GET REWARDED!!  Submit the above items and earn one of the following…

  • Free weekend campsite rental at a GSLAC property
  • Free STEM trailer rental (4 hour visit at pack meeting or activity)
  • Free Pinewood Derby cars (up to 30 cars)

Download the PDF for more information


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