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The Process


  1. Beginning October 1st, 2019, you can log on to the Charter Renewal System (
    • NOTE: This is a different system than last year.
  2. Select REGISTER (even if you used this system in previous years)
  3. On the next screen, enter the access code (listed above)
  4. Select your type of unit and enter your four-digit unit number listed in your recharter packet (all Kaskaskia units will start with an “8”).
  5. Create a password as instructed and click REGISTER.
  6. Complete the information requested on each screen. You can stop at any time, log off the system and begin again where you left off by re-entering your access code and password as a returning user:
    • It is recommended that every time you log back in as a returning user you click the “Update Unit Roster” in case any new membership applications have been entered at the office after October 1, 2019.


  1. When you have completed all the information to renew the Unit Charter, click “Roster Review” and check for accuracy.
  2. Once everything is correct click the SUBMIT button.
  3. Print ALL pages of the Unit Charter Renewal Report paperwork. Keep a copy for your records and as a backup.
  4. Obtain SIGNATURES from the Institution Head (IH) / Executive Officer and the Unit Leader on the Charter Renewal paperwork. Electronic signature will be available. (Note: if the charter is e-signed, only the IH need to sign. The unit leader is not required for e-signing.)
  5. Collect the appropriate fees, printed on Page 2 of the recharter.
  6. Compile all paperwork
    • Charter Renewal paperwork signed.
    • Chartered Partner Agreement (Packs, Troops, Crews) or Memorandum of Understanding (Exploring)
    • Applications for all new youth and adult registrants (printed on page 1 of Charter Renewal)
    • Fee payment (made payable to “GSLAC”). Include one month of membership fees for each new youth application to cover December membership fees.
  7. Take the entire packet to a turn in location (e.g. Belleville Office, St. Louis Office, or November Roundtable).
  8. If you e-sign and pay online, we are not notified. Please turn in the same paperwork above.