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Special Eagle Awards

American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year

The American Legion provides for a national scholarship to be awarded to the Eagle Scout who is selected “The American Legion
Eagle Scout of the Year.” The American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year will receive a $10,000 scholarship. Three runner-up scholarship awards will be granted in the amount of $2,500 each.

The scholarship recipients will be eligible to receive their scholarship immediately upon graduation from high school (public,
parochial, military, private, or home school) and must utilize the total award within four years of their graduation date, excluding
active military duty or religious mission.


VFW Scout of the Year

“Some of our earliest ties to the community involve youth groups and perhaps none are stronger or more lasting than the relationship between the VFW and America’s scouting organizations. In fact, our partnership with the Boy Scouts of America dates back to 1915 when VFW Post 2100 helped to establish Troop 1 in Everett, Washington.

Our Scout of the Year program provides members of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who display standout citizenship, patriotism and love of country with the opportunity to be rewarded with college scholarships of up to $5,000.

Before submitting your Scout of the Year application, please review the rules and eligibility requirements.”