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Kodiak Challenge

Kodiak Challenge

Q: You’ve completed NYLT, so what’s your next leadership challenge?
A: Kodiak Challenge

You’ve already applied your skills from NYLT to your troop. You’ve lit your fiery passion of leadership, but you want to make your flame bigger! Use your NYLT skills in a way that few have tried. Take the Kodiak Challenge. You went to NYLT like most Scouts in your troop but YOU want to stand out. You want to kindle your leadership beyond the basics. The Kodiak Challenge may be for you. You can get back together with friends from your NYLT course or even friends from your troop, explore S bar F, go rock climbing, take a swim with some stand-up paddleboards, ride a horse,  and lay out under the stars away from home! Don’t worry, we made this handy packing list for you.

June 11-17, June 18-24, or July 9-15
Swift High Adventure Base
June 25-July 1
Camp Vandeventer

Q: Okay, but what IS the Kodiak Challenge exactly?
A: Kodiak Challenge, like NYLT, is a second-tier leadership training of the Boy Scouts of America. The Kodiak Challenge leadership trek is unique in that it is offered in an exciting and challenging atmosphere. A unit or individual may participate in a Kodiak Challenge centered on a challenging five-day trek. Kodiak teaches leadership skills in a fun way that is internalized by the participants. In other words, it is a challenging trek with simple and fun leadership skills at its core. Kodiak Challenge is not taught in a classroom; it is done in settings that are more aligned with the participants’ interests (i.e. outdoors, surrounded by nature’s beauty).


Q. Am I eligible?
A. To participate in the Kodiak Challenge you must be a registered Scout, Venturer, or Sea Scout, be at least 14 years old, and have completed either NYLT, ILST, or ILSC.

paddle board

Q. What am I going to ultimately accomplish and why should I go?
A. The goal of Kodiak Challenge is to bring your leadership to the next level by allowing you to apply the leadership skills you’ve learned in NYLT to your planning and execution of your challenge trek! You can be among the first in your troop to take your leadership beyond just NYLT and differentiate yourself from people who may be running for the same office.

Jennings horseback rider

Q. Where will I complete the challenge?
A. Swift High Adventure Base, but it can be wherever your Kodiak Crew decides it wants to go on The Ranch.


Q. When can I go?
A. June 11-17, June 18-24, or July 9-15


Q. How can I sign up?
A. You can sign up HERE!