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Scouting for Food

( America’s largest one-day Food drive )


1. All Scouts & Scouters should be in full uniform. The public will be able to identify who you are and what you are doing.It is also a great opportunity to display scouting in a most positive light!

2. Scouts should travel in groups of two or more (i.e., the buddy system).Adults should be nearby at all times.

3. The Scouts should NEVER enter private homes. Again, please do not enter the houses!

4. Be sure to cover any new developments within your assigned Area; even if they are not depicted on your map! (Check Google Maps — See below!)

Bag Distribution:
1. Ideally bags should be distributed on Saturday. November 11, 2017.
If you need to do it on Friday or Sunday that is fine — please just limit yourself
to reasonable daylight hours. Bags may actually be distributed thru Thursday.
2. Scouts are encouraged to leave a bag at every private residence.
Note: Apartments with “No Solicitation” signs should only be covered with
prior permission from the Manager (i.e., Simply stop, and ask first at the office
if it is ok.). Bags are not to be left at businesses.
3. Do not put bags in mailboxes.
If you are working a stretch of rural road, then please consider placing
some small rocks in your bags ahead of time to weigh them down. You may
then place them on the ground next to a mailbox.
4. Please notify us if YOU do not receive a bag at your own house !!
Each of you can serve as a “Spot Checker” to ensure than all our Areas are
covered & no houses are missed by simply calling / e-mailing your SFF Chair.

Bag Pick-up –
1. Bags should be picked-up between 10 am – 3 pm on Saturday, November 18th, 2017.
Note: The Collection Stations open at 10:00 am and close at 4:00 pm. If there is no
bag outside a home, Scouts may knock or ring the bell to ask for a donation.
2. Please make a second sweep / drive by of your area in the early afternoon
to collect any bags that might have been missed, or put out late.

Extra Bag Depots
1. If you run short on bags, then please contact your SFF Chairman
to see if any extra bags are still in stock. If you have over half a box left, then please return them to:

Collection Locations –
1. If you want New Horizons to get credit for the food, then please be sure
to drop it off at one of our assigned Fire House / Collections Locations:

Metro West No. 3 – Manchester & Highway 109 c/o Metro West Fire Protection District  P O Box 310 Grover MO  63040
Monarch HQ 13725 Olive St Louis MO  63146
Monarch No. 1 15700 Baxter Road Chesterfield MO  63017
West County No. 1 223 Henry Avenue Ballwin MO  63011
Brentwood 2348 Brentwood Boulevard St Louis MO  63144
Kirkwood No. 2 11804 Big Bend Boulevard St Louis MO  63122
Selvidge Middle School 235 New Ballwin Rd Ballwin MO  63021
Eureka United Methodist Church Central & Third Eureka, MO
Des Peres 1000 North Ballas Road St Louis MO  63131
Shrewsbury 4400 Shrewsbury St Louis MO  63119
Webster Groves #6 South Elm St Louis MO  63119

Feedback / Questions / Comments –
1. Please direct all feedback / questions / comments to:

New Horizons