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STEM Awards

Approval Process for

STEM Achievements

All requirements for the Nova and Supernova awards should be completed as described in the Nova Guidebooks.  Members must meet current advancement requirements as written—no more and no less—and they are to do exactly what is stated. If it says, “Show or demonstrate,” that is what they must do; just “telling” isn’t enough. The same holds for words and phrases such as “make,” “list,” “in the field,” “collect,” “identify,” and “label.”

For questions or clarification, please contact the New Horizons STEM Coordinator (Alan Ritter,, New Horizons  Advancement Chair (Paul Ke, the GSLAC STEM Committee for guidance and clarification.

 Nova Awards

Must be approved by a counselor who is a registered BSA adult leader (Current youth protection training is required, Nova training is recommended).

They should be reported on a standard Advancement report (form 34403), turned in to Scout Shop in order to purchase Nova patch (first Nova earned) and/or pi pins (2nd and all subsequent Novas earned).  The report form must indicate which Nova was earned by which scout.

This PDF card will help organize and track what NOVA awards your scouts are working on: NOVA CARD

 Supernova Awards

Require submission of official 1)_application form and 2) copy of completed work.  The Supernova application can be found at

 Approvals Required for Dr. Louis Alvarez (Wolf/Bear), Dr. Charles H. Townes (Webelos) Supernovas


Approvals for Dr. Bernard Harris Supernova Bronze Award and

Thomas Edison Supernova Silver Award (Boy Scouts) and Dr. Sally Ride Supernova Bronze Award and Wright Brothers Supernova Silver Award (Venturing)


Approvals Required for Dr. Albert Einstein Supernova Gold Award (Venturing)

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