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River Trails

River Trails District

The River Trails District is located in Jefferson County. It consists of the following school districts: Fox, Festus, Jefferson R-7, Crystal City, Dunklin, Windsor, Northwest, Hillsboro, Grandview, DeSoto and Sunrise.


District Committee

  • District Director

  • District Executive

    Justin Crain



  • District Chairman


  • District Commissioner

    George Kunkel Email

  • District Vice-Chairman

    Dave Crump 636-937-8016 Email

  • Training Chairman

    Fred Kohut 314-277-5473 Email

  • Camping Chairman

    Jim Sander 314-283-4448 Email

  • Advancement Chairman

    Rick Bopp 636-942-4334 Email

  • Activities Chairman

    Julie King 636-579-1760 Email

  • Scouting for Food Chairman

    Joe Kestermont 636-475-3177 Email

  • Membership Chairman

    Barb Machalek 314-803-6920 Email

  • Family Friends of Scouting Chairman

    Bill Roberts

  • Order of the Arrow Advisor

    Susan Bridgmon 314-698-0484 Email

  • Public Relations Chairman

    Tim Rowden 314-258-6769 Email

  • STEM Chairman

    Jennifer Laiben 314-223-7810 Email

  • Product Sales Chairman

    Meghan Hurst 636-236-8885 Email

  • Cub Scout Roundtable Chairman

    Jim Palmer 314-640-5578 Email

  • Scouts BSA Roundtable Chairman

    Donna Guiffrida 314-570-0419 Email

  • Special Needs Commissioner

    Felicia Haynes 314-602-4317 Email  

River Trails