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Scout of the Year

Please join me in Congratulating Justin Fitzpatrick, Eagle Scout from Troop 406 for being honored as the 2017-2018 Scout of the Year by the VFW of Missouri. He is now entered in the competition for the VFW National Scout of the Year program.

River Trails Volunteer Recognition Dinner Award Recipients.

District Award of Merit

Each year, the River Trails District recognizes 4 of its 1,000 volunteers with the district’s highest honor, the District Award of Merit.  There is no set criteria for the district award of merit; therefore, the award can not be sought.  Instead, the award seems to seek out its recipients.  The award honors those volunteers who, through exemplary service in scouting and their community, set themselves apart from others.

2017 Recipients from left to right: Jim Palmer, Matthew Nollman, Richard Harper. Not Pictured: Steve Meinberg

 Past Recipients District Award of Merit

Key Three Award

The River Trails district recognizes 4 scouters each year with a special award called “The Key 3” award. “The Key 3” consists of the District Chairman, District Commissioner and District Executives. “The Key 3” award is presented to worthy scouters who have contributed exceptional service to the District in the past year.

2017 Recipients from left to right: Meghan Hurst, Kevin Kohne, Jim Palmer. Not Pictured: Julie King

Past Recipients of the Key Three Award

Legacy Award

The Legacy Award” is designed to be awarded to a recipient that has shown a lifetime of commitment toward Scouting and has made an impact on lives through Scouting.

2017 Recipient Randy Hetz

Spark Plug Award

The Spark Plug Award is presented to unit level volunteers who provide the enthusiasm and spark necessary to make scouting happen.  Through their dedication and unglorified hard work, they are making a difference on the front lines of their pack, troop, or crew.

2017 Recipients from left to right 1st Row: Destiny Lynch, Tracy Emery, Keith Emery, Susan Bridgmon, Marika Base, Mike Levin, Joe Miller, Kelly Newburger, Lisa Scott- Williams 2nd row: Kevin Kohne, John Prichard, Brad Williams.

Check out the other pictures from the 2017 District Dinner on flickr.





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