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STEM in your unit

STEM in your unit

Integrate the STEM NOVA Program into your Unit

The national BSA NOVA program was designed to be implemented at the Unit level and integrated into your traditional Scouting program. You can bring STEM directly to your Den, Troop, or Crew to help your Scouts earn the NOVA and Supernova awards. Utilize the resources below to get started, and never hesitate to reach out to us with your questions!

Familiarize yourself with the BSA NOVA program here. You can also purchase the NOVA Books for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, & Venturers here, and find worksheets for each of the NOVA & Supernova awards here.**
**New NOVAs have not yet been added to the books, and do not have a worksheet; requirements are listed here.

Unit STEM Coordinator¬†–¬†Take the lead on bringing STEM to your Unit by becoming knowledgeable about the NOVA program and STEM opportunities.
NOVA Counselor Train to become a NOVA Counselor, and help your Scouts earn their NOVA awards (STEM expertise not required!). Use an adult application with position code 58 to register.**
Supernova Mentor Train to become a Supernova Mentor, and help area Scouts earn our most prestigious STEM awards (STEM expertise preferred). Use an adult application with position code 52 and a Supernova Mentor application to register.**
**Find additional resources here.


Council Events & Partner Workshops Earn NOVAs & STEM-based Merit Badges/Adventures at Council-coordinated STEM events & partner workshops throughout the year!
Supernova Mentors Find & contact Supernova Mentors for your ambitious Scouts using the Merit Badge Directory.
STEM Chairs Each District has a STEM Chair who can provide you information on the NOVA program, Council STEM events, and how to promote STEM in your Unit.