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Thunderbird District

The Thunderbird District serves the city of St. Louis south of Interstate 44.

2019-20 District Calendar

Here is the year’s calendar at a glance! 

 2019-2020 District Calendar




Popcorn Sale – Please Read:

Let’s get this party started.  Let’s look at the numbers:

    • Our District  2019 Goal is $112,000 for the popcorn sale. We sold $98,330 as a district in 2018.
    • We have 35 active programs in the district. Our unit participation goal is 25.
    • We currently have 6 units signed up as of June 24, 2019. We need 19 more units to sign up.
    • We had 18 units participate in the sale last year.
    • We need 7 new units to sign up and participate this year.


Many units use the popcorn sale to drive their operating budget to pay for program activities

Popcorn sales can generate enough income to financially support your Scouting program for the entire year! Money from popcorn can

Be used to cover the cost of camporees, pinewood derby races, field trips, equipment or personal gear, badges, advancement and summer camp.

The more you sell the more money you have to deliver the program that youth expect. It takes one minute to sign up:


  1. Visit
  2. Click Create Unit Profile
  3. Enter 312GSLA as the Council Key
  4. Fill in fields

You can also follow this link to the council site:


District Committee

  • District Chairman


  • District Commissioner

    Don Beasley



  • District Director

    William Humphrey 314-256-3088 email

  • Activities & Civic Service Chairman

    Tim Wiese 314-353-7238 email

  • Advancement & Recognition Chairman

    Scott Hoffmann 314-752-2714 email

  • Camp Promotion & Outdoor Chairman

    John Ebert 314-258-0613 email 

  • Order of the Arrow Adviser

    Mike Lohff 314-591-9575 email

  • Training Chairman

    Tim Redmond 314-646-1018 email  

  • Venturing Officers' Association Advisor

    Jim Berding 314-412-1478 email

  • District Public Relations Chair

    Kris Ranciglio email  

  • STEM Chair

    Jacqueline Mattingly 314-345-0272 email

  • Programs Chair

    Terry Nickolotsky 314-638-6731 email

  • Vice Chair Cub Scouts


  • Membership Chair

    Dennis Trask



  • Eagle Board Chair

    Chris Hohn 314-552-6159 email