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Scouting for Food Maps

Sorry, the maps are currently being updated and will be attached as soon as we get the most current version.


Fall Camporee 2018

Date: October 5th to 7th
Location:  Beaumont Scout Reservation – CUB WORLD!!!!!!!!!
Who: Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Crews
     The primary focus is to train EVERY Cub Scout Leader at Bobcat Round Up.  This great event planned by Thunderbird Training Chair, Tim Redmond will have the best trainers for our leaders.  Some from out of state, and experts, long experienced trainers.
     While that is going on Cub Scouts of all ages are encouraged to attend and experience scouting at its finest!  Of course Cubs can camp too!  Per the Guide to Safe scouting it is up to the units discretion to decide how Cub Camping is handled – but – Tigers must attend with one of their adult Pals.
     The Boy Scouts will demonstrate Scout Skills and have friendly competitions.  In short, we will repeat spring events – AND – each unit will add one additional event not covered in the attached manual.
     Each unit will demonstrate cooking as their own lunch.  Hot Dogs will be provided for Training attendees but not for the Boy Scout Troops.
     Every attendee will receive a patch.
     Cost is TBD but a scout is thrifty and Thunderbird scouts are the thriftiest of all scouts!
     I am sure some of the above will change, but the date and location will not!  We should have all of this ironed out by our Roundtable on 8/27.  I will need to know what your “scout skill” will be, so come with several options in case someone else has the same great idea!
     Although there is no one particular unit “planning a program” we do need older scouts to guide the Cubs, teach and help them.  This is an opportunity for leadership.
     We are also looking for a unit to do some of the “administration” of the event.  Check In, Check Out, Keep the Trains on Time and plan the closing campfire!  As per unusual each unit should have TWO skits.
     Thank you to all for your patience in this effort.
I can’t possibly prevent all conflicts, however this seemed like a novel solution to make both events spectacular, allow for Fright Fest and closer to home!
     Leaders – use this event in your recruitment this fall!  They join scouts and – BOOM – they are camping, playing at Cub World and experiencing all the Scouting has to offer!
Matt Meyer
Thunderbird District Camping Chair
2018 Spring Camporee Boy Scout Manual (1)
Camporee Map at Cub World


Twilight camp pictures

Here are the pictures from the fun events that took place at Weird and Wacky Twilight Camp June 11-13, 2018.


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Spring Camporee:

This year’s Spring Camporee was held April 27th through the 29th at Laemmli Field at Beaumont Scout Reservation.  Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Boy Scout and Venturing 2018 Summer Camp

Registration for 2018 Boy Scout and Venturing Summer camps, as well as specialty camps, is now open. Click here for more information

Cub Scout Summer Camp

Registration now open for overnight camps and day/twilight camps. New this year, provisional leadership offered at Beaumont and Camp Warren Levis. Early Bird pricing ends April 2. Click here for more information


Fall Camporee

Was held at Swift Base at S-F Scout Ranch October 6-8. Troop 181 Hosted – Thanks for a great weekend!

Thunderbird Day Camp

Day Camp is an opportunity to have tons of fun, learn new skills, and experience exciting scouting activities all while making new friends. These camps are available to any age cub scout and open to siblings!

June 11-14           Tower Grove Park Twilight Camp               $60 | Register

Click here for more camps in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions – Day Camp

Grizzly Day Camp at Beaumont Scout Reservation:

Grizzly Camp provides leadership for you! Traditional drop off and pick up for all Cub Scouts above the Tiger Rank. Have a Tiger who wants to attend? Attend with him! All Tigers need an adult partner with them during their experience. Siblings more than welcome. Each nonstop week of fun is $110. | Register

June 25-29: Gizmos and Gadgets

July 16-20: Jurassic Camp Grizzly

July 23-27: Guardians of the Grizzly Galaxy

July 30-August 3: Heroes of Mythology

Overnight Cub Scout Camp, &Cub Scout Family Camp

Cub Scout overnight camps – Webelos Camp, Arrow of light Camp, and Cub Adventure Camp are great opportunities for your Scouts to start out the year with a few Adventures/Advancements well underway and completed, while having a super fun time at camp!

Family Camps are opportunities for Scouts to spend a day and a night, over a weekend, at one of our properties, sharing the fun of the outdoors with mom, dad, and Cub Scout-aged siblings!  In addition to Family Camp, we have Dad and Lad Camp in April, and Mom and Me camp in September.

Summer Camps are in June and July, at Camp May (Beaumont), Warren Levis, Pine Ridge, and Lewallen.

Register here to see all the opportunities and reserve your summer of fun! | Register 

Highlights from Evening Camp at Tower Grove Park, June 26-29, 2017

The Evening Camp has gotten off to a fun start with the weather also cooperating. Campers, their siblings and friends came from Packs 4, 51, 100, 103, 108, 110, 125, 212 and 214. The campers have enjoyed activities such as tug of war, crazy noodle relays, building a bee hive and building bug duplexes. They have built catapults and fired them at targets to test them out. 
Here are some of the comments parents have heard from their cubs: “When do we get to trade in our shirts so that we can do cool stuff like the boy scouts
I can’t wait to go back to camp!!”  
Can’t the camp be longer?
 “I’m having too much fun for it to end!”  
Mom, this is the best camp EVER!!”  
And as a couple parents reported…they had so much fun they went straight to sleep when they got home!
We wouldn’t get these comments if the efforts of the Scout leaders weren’t right in target.  Thanks to all who have helped so far with the camp this week… and we still have 2 nights to go!! 

See pictures from Wednesday here | See pictures from Thursday here