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Cub Scout Leader Requirements

Need to know what are the requirements to be trained for your unit leadership role?

A complete list of training courses is available on the national BSA site.

Tiger Cub Den Leader/ Assistant Tiger Cub Den Leader

Cub Scout Den Leader/Assistant Cub Scout Den Leader

Webelos Leader/ Assistant Webelos Leader

Cubmaster/Assistant Cubmaster

Pack Trainer

Pack Committee Member/Committee Chairman

All leader-specific trainings are available online through However, it is strongly encouraged that leaders attend their district’s classroom training instead for more hands-on discussions and in-depth training.

Position-specific training courses for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts (Scouts BSA) are being updated and will be available January 2, 2019. Any progress on current training materials will not carry over to the new learning plan so be sure to complete any in-progress training before December 31, 2018.

District Training Chairs

Boone Trails Jack Culian
Cherokee Doc Mobley
Egyptian Mark Beyke
Grand Towers Patrick Burke
Gravois Trail Gary Dedeke
Big Muddy Anthony Travelstead
New Horizons Jim Riddle
North Star Scott Both
Osage Susan Benedict
Ozark Trailblazers Melissa Moulton
Pathfinder Tom Barrett
River Trails Fred Kohut
Shawnee James Unterreiner
Sioux Linda Palmer
Thunderbird Tim Redmond
Kaskaskia David Bargman
Black Gold Mike Burge
Cahokia Mounds Brad Snow
Piasa Bird Jim Goeken
St. Clair Larry Good