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Powder Horn

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Powder Horn is offered every two years in the Greater St. Louis Area Council. The last course was held in 2016.

Powder Horn is an outdoor high adventure resource management course designed to motivate and prepare adult and youth leaders to provide their unit with a variety of safe high adventure activities. Any registered Boy Scout of America leader (Cub, Boy, Varsity, Venturing, Sea Scouting or Exploring) that has completed basic leader training for their position is welcome to participate. Youth participants must be 16 years-old (or have Course Director’s approval) through 20 years-old and have completed the basic leadership skill course for their program.

This course will give all participants an opportunity to experience the many outdoor high adventure activities available at our council camps. It will also provide local resources necessary to successfully participate in these outdoor high adventure activities in several ways, including the following:

• Help adult and youth leaders safely conduct outdoor activities of a FUN and challenging nature.
• Provide an introduction and exposure to the resources necessary to successfully lead a unit through an outdoor high adventure program.
• Familiarize Scouts and Scouters with the various Scouting outdoor high adventure programs so that they can help their Scouts successfully meet their requirements.

Powder Horn adventures vary from course to course. The 2016 GSLAC course will include many of the following: backpacking, land navigation, cave exploring, leave no trace, communication, lifesaving, conservation project development, wilderness survival, cooking, watercraft, COPE, SCUBA, physical fitness, ecology, plants & wildlife, emergency preparedness, mountain biking, equestrian, shooting sports, expedition planning, outdoor living history, first aid, mountaineering, fishing, winter sports, hunting, and working with teens.

Note: No one will be required to participate in any activity they feel uncomfortable with, but we will highly encourage you to participate in every activity offered.