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Popcorn Fundraiser 2020


Popcorn sales can generate enough income to financially support your Scouting program for the entire year! Money from popcorn can be used to cover the cost of camporees, pinewood derby races, field trips, equipment, badges and advancement, and summer camp.

In 2019, we invested almost $850,000 directly into programs and camp properties.

Scout benefits include:

Benefits to Scouting Units in 2019

-New tents at camp $16,000
-New tent platforms $16,000
-New tables and chairs at Beaumont $42,500
-Swimming dock at Camp Joy $14,000
-New water well at Camp Lewallen $7,000
-Camp Truck at Rhodes France $35,000
-Stand up paddle boards at Rhodes France $5,000
-New speedboat at S bar F $25,000
-New conference/IT/Phone upgrades at Council offices $42,250
-New boat dock and kitchen equipment at Warren Levis $28,000