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The Black Gold District covers Clay, Fayette, Jefferson, Marion, Washington, Wayne, and part of Clinton counties in Illinois.

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Black Gold Life To Eagle Scout

You will find below, the process you need to follow as you begin the final stages of your trail to Eagle journey.

  • Attend the district Life to Eagle presentation. There will be a fall and spring session. The date and time will be announced at district roundtable. This is for Eagle candidate, parents, and/or leaders.
  • Obtain an Eagle packet—we will provide at Eagle presentation and have available at roundtable
  • Print the latest version of the Eagle Service project workbook and read it completely. Click on this link and follow the instructions: http://www.stlbsa.org Under achievement, click on Eagle scout and scroll down to helpful forms and you will find the workbook available for printing.
  • The workbook and Eagle Application allows you to type directly into it. Pictures should be inserted directly into the document.
    • Handwritten materials will also be accepted.
  • Project:
    1. Find a project that you want to accomplish and will be of lasting benefit
    2. Discuss the project plans with your Scoutmaster and troop. Obtain their approval.
    3. Obtain approval of your plan from the benefiting organization.
    4. Meet with your District Eagle Board representative for approval of your plans.

***VERY IMPORTANT*** You cannot begin work on your project until you have signatures from the above four. Failure to comply will result in disqualification of your project. You will start over with a new project.

  1. You must contact Eagle Board Chairman Lloyd Reinkensmeier by phone 618-316-2877 or email ljrscouting@gmail.com to schedule your project approval review.
  2. After your project is approved, you may apply at this link for possible source of funding for your project. http://stlesa.org/Eagle-Project-Grants.  This is based on merit and is competitive.
  3. Keep detailed records of your project and prepare your report of completion.
  • Secure four letters of recommendation. These letters must be from the same references listed on the application under requirement 2.
  • Write a statement of our life ambitions and purpose.
  • Complete our scoutmaster conference and troop board of review.
  • Submit items to local council service center for review
    1. Completed and signed Eagle application. It is critical that dates are accurate and in the correct order.
    2. Completed project workbook
    3. Letters of recommendation
    4. Life’s ambition statement
    5. 21 Merit badge cards that are listed on the Eagle application.
  • Given the distance, you have the option of submitting electronically the above to eagle@stlbsa.org There will be an insert in your eagle packet with instructions.
  • District Eagle Board of Review approval (same point of contact as above.)
    1. Do not setup a date until you receive approval of your credentials from council.
    2. You are required to bring all material with you to the Eagle Board of Review and give to the Chairman of your review.
  • Submit the following at your final board of review and give to the Eagle board chair.
    1. One paragraph describing your project
    2. Ten pics that show the transformation process from beginning to end of your project
    3. Three pics that reflect your scouting career
    4. A portrait pic of you in uniform. This may be done at the conclusion of your review.
  • Return application to council service center for national office approval
  • Plan your court of honor after return of your award from our national court of honor.

If you have a Scout ready to start the Eagle Trail please contact Lloyd Reinkensmeier at 618-731-5107 or ljrscouting@gmail.com.

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