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If you cannot find the correct contact below, please call 314-361-0600 or email pr@stlbsa.org.

Service Centers

Central Illinois Service Center (Decatur)

262 West Prairie Avenue, Decatur, IL 62523
Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5pm
Misty CurlOffice Supervisor217-429-2326misty.curl@scouting.org
Donna TagueOffice Assistantdonna.tague@scouting.org

MacArthur Service Center (St. Louis)

4568 West Pine Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108
Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5pm
Peggy McGartlandCustomer Service Specialist & BSA Outfitters Liaison314-256-3140 peggy.mcgartland@scouting.org

Ritter Service Center (Cape Girardeau)

3000 Gordonville Road, Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 5:00
Tamara SmeeOffice Supervisor573-335-3346 tamara.smee@scouting.org
Ashlee BlackwellOffice Assistant573-335-3346 ashlee.blackwell@scouting.org

Southern Illinois Service Center (Herrin)

803 East Herrin, Herrin, IL 62948
9:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday (Closed 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm for Lunch)
Beverly DuClosOffice Supervisor618-942-4863 beverly.duclos@scouting.org

Field Service

Field Services

Martez MooreDirector of Field Service314-256-3006
Claire NordmannField Development Director314-256-3100
Brianna PhilipOffice Assistant314-256-3038
Retha TaylorOffice Assistant314-256-3050

Team 1

(Illini, Keystone, Exploring, & Outreach Districts)

Field Director314-256-3092 daron.storman@scouting.org
Exploring Program
Senior Exploring Executive
314-256-3052 julie.monken@scouting.org
Outreach Program
Outreach Coordinator
314-256-3056 chrissy.fitzpatrick@scouting.org
Travis, Jr.
Outreach Program
Outreach Executive
314-256-3134 ed.travisjr@scouting.org
Illini District
District Executive
618-779-7343 roosevelt.fair-kincaid@scouting.org
Sean Walsh
Outreach Program314-256- 3072 sean.walsh@scouting.org
Mara JonesKeystone District
District Executive
314-256-3078 mara.jones@scouting.org

Team 2

(Boone Trails, North Star, & Pathfinder Districts)

Team 2
Field Director
314-256-3028 ben.brennecke@scouting.org
Boone Trails District
District Director
314-256-3102 Laura.enge@scouting.org
Braeden MahoneyBoone Trails District
District Executive
781-724-7368 braeden.mahoney@scouting.org
Kaua'i JohnsonNorth Star
District Executive
314-256-3076 kauai.johnson@scouting.org
Pathfinder District
Senior District Executive
314-356-3082 khary.floyd@scouting.org

Team 3

(Gravois Trail, New Horizons, & Osage Districts)

Team 3
Field Director
417-425-2961 kevin.buhr@scouting.org
Ryan KirchnerGravois Trail District
District Director
314-256-3098 ryan.kirchner@scouting.org
Kenneth WolffGravois Trail District
District Executive
314-256-3145 ken.wolff@scouting.org
New Horizons District
District Director
402-301-3232 guy.harrington@scouting.org
VacantNew Horizons District Executive
Osage District
District Executive
314-256-3106 ken.etter@scouting.org

Team 4

(Arrowhead, Big Muddy, Black Gold, Cahokia Mounds, Egyptian, Kaskaskia, Piasa Bird, Redhawk & Soaring Eagle Districts)

David LaneAssistant Director
of Field Service
309-840-1568 david.lane@scouting.org
Arrowhead District
District Executive
217-454-8878 shiowa.karsten@scouting.org
Black Gold District
District Executive
618-560-0445 jordan.rud@scouting.org
Nick SchubertCahokia Mounds District
District Director
314-256-3048 nicholas.schubert@scouting.org
Kyle LammCahokia Mounds District
District Executive
314-623-3876 kyle.lamm@scouting.org
VacantBig Muddy / Egyptian District Executive314-361-0600
VacantSoaring Eagle District
District Executive
Kaskaskia District
District Executive
618-234-5670 andrew.labrier@scouting.org
Noah OlsonRedhawk
District Executive
309-838-4572 noah.olson@scouting.org
Soaring Eagle District
District Director
570-974-9970 richard.morse@scouting.org
Gabe BaileyPiasa Bird Senior
District Executive
618-407-7704 gabriel.bailey@scouting.org

Team 5

(Cherokee, Ozark Trailblazers, River Trails, Shawnee, & Sioux Districts)

Field Director920-583-9516 John.rouse@scouting.org
Shawnee District
Ozark Trailblazers
District Executive
603-703-8848 madeline.lasewicz@scouting.org
River Trails
District Executive
636-222-2944 austin.reed@scouting.org
River Trails
District Executive
314-256-3046 Peter.dreifuss@scouting.org
Cherokee District
573-776-3484 tamara.persons@scouting.org
Sioux District
573-776-3484 tamara.persons@scouting.org

Camping, Program & STEM

Camping, Program, STEM and Exploring

Mark HaysDirector of Support Services618-207-6435 mark.hays@scouting.org
Tony FoutsDirector of Camping Services314-256-3124 anthony.fouts@scouting.org
Matt KaufmanCamping Director217-521-4044 matt.kaufman@scouting.org
Suzie (Redington) VossDirector of Cub Scout Camping and Activities314-256-3058 suzie.voss@scouting.org
Tom KroenungDirector of Program Development 314-256-3096 thomas.kroenung@scouting.org
Kim BlumenbergDirector of Member Retention314-256-3074 kim.blumenberg@scouting.org
VacantSTEM Executive
Logan LawrenceSTEM Executive314-256-3142 Logan.lawrence@scouting.org
Donna BaerTraining and Advancement Program Assistant314-256-3126 donna.baer@scouting.org
Ann LucarzProgram Assistant314-256-3044 ann.Lucarz@scouting.org
Dawn RallsProgram Assistant314-361-5165dawn.ralls@scouting.org
William JohnsonPrint Shop Manager314-256-3136 williamD.johnson@scouting.org
Xavier LangstonGraphic Designer / Print Shop Specialist314-256-3138 xavier.langston@scouting.org
Amanda KissnerAdministrative Assistant to the Director of Support Services314-256-3130 amanda.kissner@scouting.org
VacantHead Ranger, Beaumont Scout Reservation
Mike HambyRanger, Camp Lewallen573-224-5591 michael.hamby@scouting.org
Jaime SennCaretaker, Camp Pine Ridge618-660-7708 jamie.senn@scouting.org
Jim GoekenRanger, Camp Warren Levis618-567-4407 jim.goeken@scouting.org
Andy BrookmanRanger, Rhodes-France Scout Reservation217-562-5223 andy.brookman@scouting.org
Rich PanoshLead Ranger, S bar F Scout Ranch573-756-5738 rich.panosh@scouting.org
Matt UnterreinerRanger, S bar F Scout Ranch573-756-5738 matt.unterreiner@scouting.org
Abby WilsonWrangler for Beaumont Scout Reservation636-495-5898 abbygail.wilson@scouting.org



Jane LindstromRegistrar314-256-3110 janeF.lindstrom@scouting.org
Tetrazzina SmithRegistration Clerk314-256-3112 tetrazzina.smith@scouting.org

Development Office

Development Office

R.J. CrunkChief Development Officer314-256-3014 rj.crunk@scouting.org
Megan SelckDirector of Development618-207-6419 megan.selck@scouting.org
Mike GallagherMajor Gifts Officer314-256-3086 mike.gallagher@scouting.org
VacantDevelopment Assistant
Emily JoellenbeckDevelopment Director618-207-6431 emily.joellenbeck@scouting.org
Judy Swafford Database Manager 314-256-3034 judy.swafford@scouting.org



Joe SadewasserScout Executive/CEO314-256-3120 joe.sadewasser@scouting.org
VacantDeputy Scout Executive/COO
Jessica FreemanAdministrative Assistant to the Scout Executive314-256-3004 jessica.freeman@scouting.org
Tera GundermanOperations Assistant314-256-3114 tera.gunderman@scouting.org



Jim NolanChief Financial Officer314-256-3032 james.nolan@scouting.org
Vicki StodgellSenior Accountant314-256-3016 victoria.stodgell@scouting.org
Peggy FriedmeyerAccounting Specialist314-256-3022 peggy.friedmeyer@scouting.org

Marketing | Communications | Public Relations

Marketing | Communications | Public Relations

Dave ChamblissDirector of Marketing314-256-3030 dave.chambliss@scouting.org

Human Resources | Diversity and Inclusion

Human Resources | Diversity and Inclusion

Ronda SmithDirector of Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion314-256-3118 ronda.smith@scouting.org


Commonly asked questions.

Can girls join the Boy Scouts of America?

Beginning August 1, 2018, girls in grades k-5 can join Cub Scouts. Beginning February 2019, girls ages 11-17 can join Scouts BSA. (The Boy Scout program will be changing its name to Scouts BSA in Feb. 2019.) Learn more about girls in Scouting here. The BSA’s Venturing, Sea Scouting and Exploring programs have always been open to girls and boys.

What is the Boy Scouts of America?

Founded in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America has a century of experience delivering the nation’s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training. Scouting is a safe environment where kids can learn about the world around them through unique experiences and activities they can’t get anywhere else.

Every person in Scouting learns the motto “Be Prepared.” And while that can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, ultimately the Boy Scouts of America prepares young people for life. We prepare them for life by creating opportunities for learning and growth that foster and strengthen self-confidence, ethics, respect for others, academic skills, and leadership abilities that stay with them their entire lives.

How is Scouting organized?

Beginning August 2018, girls in grades k-5 can join Cub Scouts! In February 2019, girls ages 11-17 can join Scouts BSA.
Scouting is organized by grade level or age.

Cub Scouts is designed for girls and boys in grades k-5. When you’re a kid, fun comes first. Final exams, driver’s ed and summer jobs will arrive soon enough. Cub Scouts lets kids have fun while teaching them skills that will help them later on.

Young men ages 11-17 can join the Boy Scouts(In February 2019, the Boy Scout program will changes its name to Scouts BSA and begin accepting girls ages 11-17.) Boy Scouts has a lot to offer, but don’t let the 130+ merit badges scare you away. With the exposure to a uniquely hands-on learning experience through earning merit badges that reflect each child’s budding interests, they unlock a world of discovery around them, and forge their path for the future. By culminating the Boy Scouting experience by earning the rank of Eagle and accomplishing a service project imagined and executed by the Scout himself, they can prove their leadership skills and gain the confidence needed to excel in life and in the world at large.

Venturing is a coed program for young adults ages 13 (and have completed the 8th grade) through 20. All teens have one—a moment that opens their eyes to a world that’s bigger than they ever imagined. It might happen while paddling a quiet lake, bonding with new friends around a beach bonfire, or rising to the challenge of leading an exhausted crew to the edges of adventure. Venturing gives young men and women access to a range of programs and empowers them to create their own experiences. It brings Scouting values to life through both high adventure outdoor activities and challenging real-world projects.

Exploring provides exciting activities and one-on-one mentorship for young men and women ages 13 (and have completed 8th grade) through 20 looking to discover their future. Youth develop valuable networking contacts with professionals working in selected career fields. Exploring can be the first step in identifying career possibilities while gaining real-life, hands-on experiences in various career fields.

Where does Scouting take place?

Cub Scouts are broken into a small group called a pack, Boy Scouts are grouped into troops, and Venturing gathers as a crew. The pack, troop, or crew you join is up to you. You can look for a group chartered by an organization you support, like your church or school, or simply choose the one closest to your neighborhood.

Meetings typically take place at your chartered organization (such as school or church) but sometimes meetings are held at camp, local parks or businesses as part of a special activity.

When do Scouts meet?

Scout meeting days and times vary from unit to unit. Some groups meet once a week, others twice a month. Families can choose a unit with meeting times that best meet their schedule.

How is Scouting delivered?

In Cub Scouting, each pack has dedicated leaders and volunteers who are tasked with teaching Cub Scouts both fun and valuable lessons that will help them progress in the program and in life. But what makes Cub Scouts truly unique is the opportunity it gives the entire family to be involved in each child’s development. From volunteering with the pack to leading activities at home, parents can take full advantage of the extra time they’ll have participating in their Cub Scout’s life.

In Boy Scouts and Venturing, the youth are responsible for running meetings and planning events. However, each unit also has adult volunteers to help provide leadership and support.

How much does Scouting cost?

Scouting does charge fees for membership, events, and activities. Fundraising opportunities are offered to families throughout the year to help cover those costs. Camperships are also available to help pay for a Scout’s summer camp experience.

Some units charge additional fees for field trips and activity supplies. This amount varies by unit.

Families also have the option to purchase a uniform, handbook, Scout’s Life Scouting magazine subscription, and camping equipment.

ProgramYouth Annual FeesOne-time Youth $25
New Member Fee (Y/N)
Adult Annual Fees
Cub Scouts$75Yes$45
Scouts BSA$75Yes$45
Sea Scouts$75Yes$45

Recharter fee has increased from $75 to $100.

How is Scouting different from other youth activities?

Scouting is goal-oriented without the pressure of winning and losing. It is physical and strenuous but less likely to cause the injuries that can occur with sports. Out here, it’s about making friends without the need to compete with them.

What do Scouts Believe?

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best
to do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
to help other people at all times;
to keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law
A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

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