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Information on Scouting Fees

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Creating a More Inclusive Scouting

In recent years, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) welcomed girls into Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA. In line with this progress, the Greater St. Louis Area Council has launched a strategic plan that includes a focus on welcoming girls into Scouting. 

Scouting has always been synonymous with adventure, leadership, and personal growth. The BSA aims to provide these valuable experiences and opportunities to all youth
members. Welcoming girls into Scouting enriches the overall Scouting community by fostering diversity of thought, talent, and perspectives. It is imperative that our families know that all youth in Scouting are welcome in a safe environment that allows for growth and leadership.

Including girls in Scouting represents a significant step toward creating a more diverse and inclusive organization. By embracing this change and updating our language, we foster an environment where all Scouts can thrive and grow. Let us continue to support and empower all Scouts as they embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery, leadership, and lifelong friendships. Together, we can build a stronger and more inclusive Scouting community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:What should girls enrolled in Scouts BSA be referred to?

A: Scouts

Q: Is it ok to refer to our programs as Boy Scouts?

A: No, we should use Scouting Programs or Scouting Activities

For questions or comments please email gslac.fieldservices@scouting.org  attn: Welcoming girls into Scouting Committee. 


Put your Child on a Path to Success!

We partnered with Washington University in St. Louis to learn what kind of impact Scouting has on our Scouts’ future careers. To see the image below larger, please click HERE.

Scouts are TWICE more likely to get a bachelor’s degree (75.6% of Scouts alumni compared with 36.0% national average) Scouts are TWICE more likely to get an advanced graduate degree (29.0% of Scouts alumni compared with 13.4% national average) Scouts are more likely to make almost DOUBLE of the personal income as an adult ($62.5k individual median income compared with $33.7k national median) Scouts are more likely to have very good or exceptional (750+) credit scores (55.7% of Scouts alumni compared with 39.7% national average) Scouts are more likely to move up in their socio-economic status. Scouts that come from low-income family background are, on average, more likely to make almost twice the personal income as an adult compared to their non-scout peers with similar childhood family background. BSA strives to bring larger, broader, and longer social impact. The BSA values (Character, Leadership, Citizenship, and Fitness) imprinted during childhood go a long way. BSA alumni continue to change the world by taking more leadership roles in organizations, engaging in more entrepreneurial activities, and undertaking more civic duties.

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