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Friends of Scouting 2021

Due to the continued challenges presented by Covid, we need your help with the 2021 Friends of Scouting Campaign.

Please let Susan and/or Khary know how best to reach the families in your unit.

  • No date yet? No worries.  Just share what you’re planning (ex. Blue and Gold Virtually in February) so we can plan on our side.

Options include:

  • Blue & Gold / Court of Honor
    • Virtual or In person
    • Date
  • Parent Meeting
    • Virtual or In person
    • Date
  • Message Campaign
    • This involves emails from the Friends of Scouting Committee Member/Cub or Scout Master and snail mail from Susan/Khary.
  • Other?  Please share your thoughts.

Susan Rode-Perkins 314.971.5480 (cell)

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