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Will ImmingProvided First Aid For a Head Injury

Will Imming and his friends were heading home after school when one friend fell off of his skateboard. He was not wearing a helmet and severely injured his head. Will’s ability to think clearly helped him control the situation and get help quickly. The speed at which Will was able to get help ensured that his friend would fully recover and recover more quickly.


Cameron 5Got Help For Dad When He Had a Seizure

Cameron Clark was hanging out with his sister and brother when he heard his mother scream. He ran upstairs to find his father in the middle of a seizure, something that had never happened to his father before. His family was panicked. Cameron quickly called 9-1-1 and got directions for what he should do to help. He got his father off the bed and onto the ground, a safe place. Then he took his brother and sister out of the room and kept them focused while the paramedics arrived. Without Cameron’s ability to stay calm in the middle of a frightening situation, his father may not have gotten the help he needed.


ColtActed Quickly During Hunting Accident

Colt Wahl and his father were hunting in the woods. Colt heard a sound, turned, and saw his dad lying face down on the ground with his leg twisted backwards, obviously broken. Colt calmed his father, who had fallen from a deer stand, and called 9-1-1 immediately. Then Colt met the ambulance at the edge of the woods and led the emergency response team back to his father. Colt’s quick action saved his father from further injury.


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