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Challenge Courses

S bar F Scout Ranch and Beaumont Reservation each have a Challenge Course. “Challenge” is the best description of these courses in the forest of these camps. During a day’s experience your Scout BSA patrols or Venture Crew will be challenged to work together. Low Course events located in the forest require physical effort, teamwork and thinking to solve some problem – everyone in the group together achieves the challenge’s goal. When the group becomes a team on the Low Course, the members are ready for the individual challenges of the High Courses. You traverse High Course events in the tree-tops and then do the face forward Angel Rappel down to the ground at S bar F or the 600 foot long zip line at Beaumont.

Your unit provides a trained Challenge Course Instructor for each group of 13 maximum. There can be two groups on a course at the same time. There must be two trained instructors when using the High Course. Learn about training here.

Challenge Courses can only be used by Scout BSA troops and Venture Crews.

Climbing Towers

Beaumont Tower Night Climbing

Our council has three climbing towers, each different than the others. The towers can be climbed by Cub Scout Packs, Scout BSA Troops, and Venture Crews. Beaumont Scout Reservation, Camp Lewallen and Camp Warren Levis have lighted climbing walls for evening programs, including during the week (what a great way to provide some variety for troop meetings!). Some of the walls are a bit easier and a couple are very challenging. The towers are approximately 40 foot tall and will excite the climbers in your unit and challenge them to try several climbs at all the camps.

Climbing towers have Bouldering Walls and Slacklining Gardens nearby. Bouldering and Slacklining don’t require any climbing gear or trained instructors and have no use fee. Just walk up to them and play – no instruction needed.

Units using the Climbing Towers must provide their own trained Climbing Tower Instructors.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

S bar F has climbing and rappelling on the cliffs and Ship Rock overlooking the Little St. Francis River. No man-made holds, this is real rock that require some extra work and skills that can be developed at one of our climbing towers. When you look over the river valley and decide to look over the edge of the rappelling cliffs you’ll think a moment about doing the face-forward Angel Rappel or the regular Rappel. The three climbing routes on Collar Bone and Baby Snake offer a pretty good day’s challenge and usually the adventure you want in the outdoors.

Each unit must provide its own trained Climbing Instructors. Your unit can camp on top of the rappelling cliffs or at nearby Castle Rock.

Scout BSA troops and Venture Crews can do climbing/rappelling on rock – Cub Scout Packs are not allowed.

Adult leaders interested in becoming a Challenge Course, Tower, or Climbing instructor, click here.

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