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Summer Camp

Boone Trails Offers 3 day camp/twilight camps in June and July:

  1. Cuivre River July 18-21
  2. McNair Park June 27-July 1
  3. STEM Cottleville June 6-10

To learn more and sign up for any or all of these camps, click here.

NYLT Scholarship:  The Boone Trails OFP offers a financial scholarship for NYLT to help ensure more Scouts can attend, who might not otherwise be able to.  Click here to access that scholarship application.

Merit Badge Opportunities

Coin Collecting Merit Badge Workshop
The Missouri Numismatic Society is holding its annual coin show on July 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2022 at the St. Charles Convention Center.  On Saturday July 23rd the Missouri Numismatic Society will sponsor a Boy Scout coin collecting merit badge workshop. This event is completely free for the scouts. The workshop will start at 10:00 a.m. and end at approximately 12:00.

This event is now full. 

Aquatics Programs

Scouts and Units interested in earning their Swimming Merit Badge, Scuba Merit Badge, BSA swim test, Snorkeling or Scuba Award can contact Y-Kiki Divers at 314-469-8722 to get scheduled.  Our active scouters are excited to help scouts earn these aquatics awards and merit badges.  The classes are offered throughout the year and do require pre-registering.  Pool classes are indoor.

Scouts at least 8 years old, have access to the Seal Team and Master Seal team program for younger scuba divers.

Swimming Merit Badge - https://www.y-kiki.com/classes_youthprograms.php#bsaswimming

Scuba Merit Badge - https://www.y-kiki.com/classes_youthprograms.php#bsamerit

BSA Swim Test - https://www.y-kiki.com/classes_youthprograms.php#bsaswim

Snorkeling award – https://www.y-kiki.com/pdfs/BSA.Snorkel.2020.pdf

Scuba award - https://www.y-kiki.com/pdfs/BSA.ScubaAward.2020.pdf

Seal Team – https://www.y-kiki.com/classes_youthprograms.php#seal

Master Seal Team - https://www.y-kiki.com/classes_youthprograms.php#masterseal

Venture Crew 555 and 2910 (Scuba Crew)

These two venturing crews are focused on Scuba and extending the scouting adventure underwater.  Any scout or adult who is scuba certified can join.  Not certified?  We can help there too!  The crew has monthly activities ranging from underwater hockey to weekend trips to local dive sites.  Plus the crew is planning a trip to Cozumel Mexico in 2022!  Members also have access to discounts for scuba gear, and free gear rental for local pool dives, and half price rental for weekend dives.

Check out all the fun https://y-kiki.com/Scuba%20Crew%20555.php

Cub Launch

Cub Launch is a single day event where Scouts can do activities like archery, fishing, BBs, and more.  Typically this event is held the first Saturday in October.

2022 dates will be posted at a later date.