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District Dinner

Please join us as we celebrate the hardworking and essential volunteers in our community who make Scouting happen well! This year, due to Covid-19, the event will be a virtual recognition event, Friday 2/26 at 7pm.  Please register to attend and show your support and thanks here. 

There is still time to nominate fellow volunteers for the District Award of Merit, the highest honor a district can award, and the Key Scouter, an annual award recognizing an important and essential volunteer in your unit.  You can find the award nominations here, in the attachment section.  Please submit all nominations to Laura Enge at laura.enge@scouting.org.  Please note, nominations are due no later than Tuesday, February 2.  

Day Camp

Summer camps are a Scout’s favorite place to have fun and adventure!  Day Camps and Twilight camps are a safe, educational, and fun experience for all Cub Scout ages and ranks, and are open to all children, regardless of if they are Scouts.  The 2021 camp locations are below.

McNair Park Day Camp is held at McNair Park in St. Charles, MO. This camp is Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-3:00 PM June 14-18.  Questions regarding this camp?  Contact Camp Director Rob Iver at 636-345-3461 or robert.iver@gmail.com

Boone Trails STEM Twilight Camp is held at Cottleville Knights of Columbus. This camp is held Monday-Friday from 5:30 PM-8:30 PM, June 7-11. Questions regarding this camp?  Contact Camp Director LaDonna Hudson at 636-288-9180 or MySTEMCamp@gmail.com

Lincoln County Twilight Camp is  traditionally held at the Lake Side Shelter within Cuivre River State Park Troy, MO.  More information to come!

Register for your summer adventure

This information was last updated on 1-20-21.

STEM Events

Join us for spectacular STEM fun this spring at these upcoming events!

February 2021:

  • Feb 24th and Feb 27th:  Germs Alive “Germs Theory” offered by Little Medical School
    Cub Scout Level - 2 separate offerings
  • Feb 27th:  STEM U @ SIUC
    Scout and Cub Scout Levels - Cub Scout Nova theme is Swing!

March 2021:

  • Just Shy of Pi Day, on March 13th, join New Horizons District in a Pi K fun run! Run, hike, skip, bike, hop on one foot for a distance of Pi K (or 3.141519… kilometers) on March 13, 2021. sign up here.
  • Join Bay Lakes Council “Just Shy of Pi Day” event for even more STEM fun, here.
  • Mar 24th and March 27th:  Critter Care "Little Vet School" offered by Little Medical School
    Cub Scout Level - 2 separate offerings

April 2021:

  • Apr 21st and Apr 24th:  First Responders Class offered by Little Medical School
    Cub Scout Level - 2 separate offerings
  • April 24th:  Webelos Nova Experience at Klondike (Boone Trails specific)
  • TBD:  Webelos Nova STEM Fair Event (Boone Trails specific)