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It is time to renew your membership in the Order of the Arrow.  If you have not paid your dues at this time, please follow the link and renew your membership in the Order of the Arrow.  Paying dues helps to maintain the OA program, control costs of events and even impacts the number of individuals that can be recognized for the Vigil Honor.

If you completed your Ordeal during the 2019 Fall Reunion or Brotherhood anytime in 2019, your 2020 dues are already paid.

Dues link

Order of the Arrow Links

For more information about the Boone Trails Chapter, please visit the Shawnee Lodge, Boone Trails Chapter website through the link above.

Order of the Arrow Neckerchief Pre-Orders

We have the pre-order neckerchiefs.  You can pick them up from Mike Wienstroer at Roundtables and Chapter meetings.  With the cancellation of meetings due to COVID-19, please contact Mike Wienstroer to make arrangements to pick up your neckerchiefs.  mike.wienstroer@shawneelodge.org or 314-308-0454

Order of the Arrow 2020 Inductions

Due to the cancellation of many induction events, candidates that were elected February 1, 2019 through July 1, 2020 will have 24 months from the date of election to complete their ordeal.

Order Of The Arrow Contact Information

Boone Trails District OOA Contact Info

Rollin "RJ" J.Chapter Chiefrollin.jackson@shawneelodge.org
Adian H.1st Vice Chiefadian.hammond@shawneelodge.org
Connor D.2nd Vice Chiefconnor.doherty@shawneelodge.org
William PSecretarywilliam.peacock@shawneelodge.org
Mike WienstroerChapter Advisormike.wienstroer@shawneelodge.org


Order of the Arrow Shawnee Lodge By-Laws Update

The Lodge By-Laws were updated in 2019 to incorporate membership and other changes.  They by-laws will be updated again to reflect the latest Brotherhood eligibility changes.

“Brotherhood Requirements: Effective immediately, the waiting period between induction and eligibility for Brotherhood membership has been reduced to six (6) months. All other requirements are unchanged”

The long term camp requirements remain for Scouts.  You can find the current updated by-laws on the Shawnee Lodge website under the Lodge Resources section or through this link: By-Laws


Order of the Arrow Upcoming Events

All Scouting events can be found here.

For all Lodge events, visit the Shawnee Lodge website for more information.

Upcoming Events

Boone Trails Chapter Meeting
When: August XX (TBD)
Where: Beaumont Scout Reservation
Multi-Chapter event

Shawnee Lodge Pre-Ordeal Sleep Over
When: August 22nd
Where: Beaumont Scout Reservation

Lodge One Day of Service
When: May 2
Where: TBD

Shawnee Lodge Fall Reunion
When: September 11th – 13th
Where: S-F Scout Ranch

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