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What is an incident?

Any unplanned event that results in harm to an individual, property, or the environment.

What is a near-miss incident?

A near miss does not result in injury, illness, or damage by definition, but it had the potential to do so.

Why report an incident?

The information reported from incidents is valuable in preventing the re-occurrence of similar incidents. Reporting incidents promptly is also critical so we can respond to them in an appropriate manner, and it helps us properly manage any potential claims.

All injuries, illnesses, and incidents that occur during official Scouting activities must be reported within 24-48 hours to your District Executive, staff advisor, or a council service center.

In the event of an injury or illness during a Scouting activity, an HSR claim form can be completed and submitted within 90 days from the date of injury. You can obtain a form by reporting the incident to the Council’s Risk & Safety representative. Please contact Tera Gunderman at Tera.Gunderman@scouting.org or 314-256-3114 for forms, instructions and assistance.

Please note: The HSR policy is excessof any other available medical benefits sources. This means that you must file your bills through your primary, or personal, insurance carrier prior to this policy responding.


Incident Report Form
Near Miss Incident Report Form

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