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Cub Scout Program Changes


The Cub Scout program will be updated for the 2024-25 program year beginning on June 1, 2024. Over the past several years the National Cub Scouting Committee has identified four areas to improve the Cub Scout program to ensure that it is fun, simple, and easy. The four areas of improvement are the Bobcat badge, Cub Scout Adventures, Webelos, and Cub Scout Awards.


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One of the big changes is to the structure of Adventures.  In order to earn the rank badge, each level of Cub Scouts will now require SIX required and TWO elective adventures.  The Bobcat badge will no longer exist separately, but the elements of Bobcat will be incorporated as the intended first adventure each level does each year.

Many of the most common electives will now be available at ALL levels with age-appropriate requirements.  This allows for multi-level den and Pack level advancements that all can work on at the same time!

Below are some resources to use for your pack to work in adventures to your unit program!

Recommended Pack Schedule


Ranks Side By Side

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Some Cub Scouts and leaders are familiar with the National Summertime Pack Award, World Conservation Award, Range/Target Sports, and STEM awards — they are being reimagined as Adventures.  This will bring these great programs to the forefront and give leaders, parents, and Cubs the chance to learn more about them. Click on each button below to read more about the specific updates.

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Bobcat will no longer be a badge that is earned once when a Cub Scout joins.  It will become a required Adventure for each rank and earned each year.  The requirements for the Bobcat Adventure are different for each grade to make them age-appropriate.

Webelos & Arrow of Light

Webelos and Arrow of Light will be separated.  Webelos becomes the 4th-grade program in Cub Scouting.  Arrow of Light becomes a stand-alone badge of rank for 5th graders and will no longer be associated with Webelos.  Arrow of Light will be the program that prepares Cub Scouts to join Scouts BSA.



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