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Den Leaders! Are you looking for help with den meetings? Maybe you’re a new leader and just need ideas on how to plan Den Meetings?

The videos and resources below were provided by local councils from across the country to support Den Leaders with virtual meetings. The content was not produced by the National BSA. Content is to be used as an aid and does not take the place of the program as designed and presented in the Den Leader Experience or Cub Scout Handbooks.

During the current pandemic, virtual resources may be used to complete requirements such as virtual tours in place of den outings. The standard of Cub Scout advancement is for the Cub Scout to ‘Do Their Best’!


Bobcat Resources

Other Bobcat Resources

Welcome New Cub Scout Family!

This brochure is designed to help new families understand the basics of Cub Scouting when they first join.



Welcome to Scouting and joining up in the Cub Scouts!

The Bobcat rank is the first badge awarded a new Cub Scout (except for Lions in Kindergarten).

As a new member, a Scout may work on the Bobcat rank requirements while simultaneously working on the next rank as well.  A Scout cannot receive the Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, or Arrow of Light badge until the Scout has completed Bobcat requirements and earned the Bobcat badge.  Scouts can normally earn their Bobcat badge well within the first month of becoming a new Cub Scout.

During the pandemic, here’s how you can help your child earn the Bobcat badge.  Practice the requirements with your Scout or, if possible, with other Scouts at a safe Den activity (outside or virtual).  Requirement 7 is a home-based requirement to take time on.   The requirements are found in each of the youth handbooks (www.scoutstuff.org) as well as listed below.

Bobcat Requirements

  1. Learn and say the Scout Oath, with help if needed.
  2. Learn and say the Scout Law, with help if needed.
  3. Show the Cub Scout sign. Tell what it means.
  4. Show the Cub Scout handshake. Tell what it means.
  5. Say the Cub Scout motto. Tell what it means.
  6. Show the Cub Scout salute. Tell what it means.
  7. With your parent or guardian, complete the exercises in the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide

In most cases, the Den Leader should help Scouts on their Bobcat, but parents can sign off on the requirements as their child meets them. Let your Scout’s Den Leader know as they are completed.

Welcome and congratulations to our newest Scouts and enjoy the Scouting journey ahead.

Lion Resources

August Featured Video for Lions: “Mountain Lion” – Elective Requirement

Other Lion Resources

New Lion or Tiger Den Leader Guide

The information in the packet will help you get off to the right start! With the proper resources and enthusiasm you have the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of Cub Scouts.

Lion Adventure Videos

AdventureRequired / ElectiveDescriptionWorkbook Page
Lion's HonorRequiredLet's learn the Cub Scout Signp. 5
Animal KingdomRequiredLions can help at home!p. 6
Fun on the Run!RequiredDon't forget that rest is an important part of being healthy!P. 7
King of the JungleRequiredDoes your Lion know what it means to be a good citizen?p. 8
Mountain LionRequiredLion's live outdoors. Let's talk about how to be safe and respectful when out on an adventure!p. 9
Build It Up, Knock It DownElectiveYour Lion can be proud when they know they have truly done their best!p. 11
Gizmos and GadgetsElectiveGadgets are designed to make tasks easier. They can be just for fun or help with a serious task. Can your Lion make a gadget?p. 12
I'll Do It MyselfElectiveLearning from others is key to a Lion's developing independence.p. 13
On Your MarkElectiveLions love to play! Let's learn about being a good sport.p. 14
Pick My PathElectiveYour Lion Scout will learn about making good choices and how those choices affect our relationships.p. 15
Ready, Set, GrowElectiveLion's will learn the basics of growing their own garden.p. 16
Rumble in the JungleElectivePlaying games is a great way for your Lion to become faster, stronger and smarter.p. 17

 Tiger Resources

August Featured Video for Tigers: “My Tiger Jungle” – Required

Other Tiger Resources

New Lion or Tiger Den Leader Guide

The information in the packet will help you get off to the right start! With the proper resources and enthusiasm you have the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of Cub Scouts.

Tiger Adventure Videos

AdventureRequired / ElectiveDescriptionHandbook Page
Games Tigers PlayRequiredYour Tiger is going to find out that they are part of an amazing team of Scouts who play and work togetherp. 28
My Tiger JungleRequiredYour Tiger will discover bugs, birds, and animals right in their own backyard.p. 44
Team TigerRequiredTeams do exciting things together. Learn about how people can be different and still be on the same team.p. 56
Tiger BitesRequiredFor this adventure, it's ok for your Tiger to play with their food!p. 68
Tiger Circles: Duty to GodRequiredDuty to God means different things to different people. Your Tiger will discover how members of their family express their faith.p. 82
Tigers in the WildRequiredYour Tiger is going on a hike. What should they take along? Here they will learn how to be a Tiger in the wild!p. 92
Curiousity, Intrigue, and Magical MysteriesElectiveWonder how Magicians do tricks? Your Tiger will practive magic tricks for a show!p. 108
Floats and BoatsElectiveYour Tiger will learn about water safety and different kinds of boats. So have a splash!p. 152
Rolling TigersElectiveLet's go for a ride! Your Tiger will learn how to keep their bike in good, working order and stay safe while they enjoy a ride!p. 182
Sky is the LimitElectiveExplore the wonders of the night sky!p. 198
Stories in ShapesElectiveAbstract art uses shapes, lines, and colors to make something different from things you see in real life. Let your Tiger use their imagination!p. 214
Tiger-riffic!ElectiveGames, games, and more games! Tigers have fun and are good sports!p. 226
Tiger: Safe and SmartElectiveIt's time for your Tiger 'To Do Their Best' to be safe and smart!p. 242
Tiger TagElectiveActive games are an easy way to get exercise. Your Tiger will also practice being a good sport!p. 258

Wolf Resources

August Featured Video for Wolfs: “Council Fire (Duty to Country)” – Required

Other Wolf Resources

New Wolf or Bear Den Leader Guide

The information in the packet will help you get off to the right start! With the proper resources and enthusiasm you have the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of Cub Scouts.

Wolf Adventure Videos

AdventureRequired / ElectiveDescriptionHandbook Page
Call of the WildRequiredYour Wolf is about to head out for an adventure. What do they need to know?p. 24
Council Fire (Duty to Country)RequiredWorking together is part of being a good citizen. Your Wolf will learn about some of the different groups they are part of.p. 44
Duty to God FootstepsRequiredDuty to God is part of the Scout Oath. Your wolf will learn about being respectful when talking about their faith and while learning about others.p. 56
Howling at the MoonRequiredWolves use howling to communicate. Your Wolf will explore different ways to communicate!p. 68
Paws on the PathRequiredUse your Wolf's Scouting outdoor skills and learn about the natrual world around them.p. 76
Running with the PackRequiredPractice your Wolf athletic skills!p. 92
Adventures in CoinsElectiveCoins are just for buying gumballs! Your wolf will learn about the study of coins.p. 106
Air of the WolfElectiveThe air is more than just what we breathe into our lungs. Your Wolf will try some experiments to explore air.p. 124
Code of the WolfElectiveYour Wolf will learn about how Math isn't just a subject in school but can be used for fun!p. 142
Cubs Who CareElectiveThis adventure will help you and your Wolf understand just how many things people with disabilities are able to do.p. 176
Digging in the PastElectiveWolfs will learn about Paleontologists and use their imagination to create their own dinosaur.p. 190
Finding Your WayElectiveMap and compass have helped travlers for hundreds of years. Your wolf will learn these navigation basics!p. 208
Germs Alive!ElectiveLet's explore how to keep your body heathy!p. 218
Paws of SkillElectiveSports and active games are a great way to have fun and be healthy. It's time for your Wolf to move their powerful paws!p. 274
Spirit of the WaterElectiveWater is an important force in our lives. Your wolf will learn about how to conserve, stay safe in, and have a great time with water!p. 286

Bear Resources

August Featured Video for Bears: “Balloo the Builder” – Required

Other Bear Resources

New Wolf or Bear Den Leader Guide

The information in the packet will help you get off to the right start! With the proper resources and enthusiasm, you have the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of Cub Scouts.

Bear Adventure Videos

AdventureRequired / ElectiveDescriptionHandbook Page
Baloo the BuilderRequiredLearning to build things that are useful or fun is an important skill!p. 28
Bear Claws
(Requirement 1 &2)
(Requirement 3a)
(Requirement 3b)
RequiredA pocket knife can be a useful tool for your Bear. Let's learn how to use one safely!p. 50
Bear NecessitiesRequiredA Bear is at home in the outdoors. Is your Bear ready to setup their campsite and have some fun?p. 62
Fellowship and Duty to GodRequiredJust about every faith teaches the Golden Rule. Your Bear can practice this by helping those around them.p. 74
Fur, Feathers, and FernsRequiredLet's learn the importance of the Outdoor Code and explore the natural world!p. 86
Paws for Action (Duty to Country)RequiredHow can your Bear help their community?p. 106
A Bear Goes FishingElectiveFish on! Bear Scouts, just like grizzly bears, love to fish! Let's learn the basics.p. 120
Bear Picnic BasketElectiveLearn the basics of cooking at home and on a campout!p. 134
Critter CareElectiveDid you know that 2/3 of Americans have a pet? Learning to look after your pet is what this adventure is all about.p. 164
ForensicsElectiveYour Bear will learn about forensic scientists and how they study clues to help law enforcement.p. 174
Grin and Bear ItElectivePlay some games with your Den and plan a Cub Scout Carnival!p. 186
Marble MadnessElectiveYour Bear will discover the fun world of marble games and puzzles!p. 212
Roaring LaughterElectiveWe all like to laugh. You and your Bear will find lots of ways to smile and laugh!p. 226
Salmon RunElectiveTime to hit the water. Let's learn about swimming and boat and water safety!p. 250
Super ScienceElectiveScience helps us understand the world around us. Let's get a little messy and have some fun with these experiments.p. 268

Webelos & Arrow of Light Resources

August Featured Video for Webelos: “Adventures in Science” – Elective

Other Webelos & Arrow of Light Resources

New Webelos Den Leader Guide

The information in the packet will help you get off to the right start! With the proper resources and enthusiasm you have the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of Cub Scouts.

Webelos & Arrow of Light Adventure Videos

AdventureRequired / ElectiveDescriptionHandbook Page
Cast Iron ChefRequired - WebelosLet's work on building a fire and campout cooking!p. 32
Duty to God and YouRequired - WebelosYour Scout will explore their faith and the faiths of others.p. 42
First ResponderRequired - WebelosPut the Scout motto, "Be Prepared," into action!p. 50
Stronger, Faster, HigherRequired - WebelosLet's explore some ways to exercise that are not only healthy and safe but fun and creative as well!p. 78
Webelos WalkaboutRequired - WebelosYour Scout will prepare for and plan a hike!p. 90
Building a Better WorldRequired - AOLThis adventure is all about being a good citizen. Let's learn about the flag and our rights and duties as Americans!p. 108
Duty to God in ActionRequired - AOLLet's further explore our faith and how we can make it an important part of our life.p. 130
Outdoor AdventurerRequired - AOLScouts love the outdoors. Let's plan an adventure!p. 140
Scouting AdventureRequired - AOLYour Scout will learn what is like to move from being a Webelo to joining a Scouts BSA Troop.p. 156
AquanautElectiveLife is better on the water. Your Webelo will learn about swimming and boating safely and how to respond to water emergencies!p. 206
Art ExplosionElectiveWhether they are into drawing, painting, sculpting, computer illustration, or another art form your Scout will find something to love here.p. 228
Aware and CareElectiveYour Webelo will learn about the challenges other people face but looking at the world through other's eyes.p. 252
Build ItElectiveGrab your tool belt and let's see what we can build!p. 268
CastawayElectiveYour Webelo is lost on a deserted island! What do they do to survive?p. 294
Earth Rocks!ElectiveLet's dig into the world of rocks!p. 312
EngineerElectiveThere are lot's of big ideas: flying to the moon or building a robot that walks and talk. Engineers make those ideas come to life!p. 330
Game DesignElectiveGames are fun! Your Webelo will learn the elements of games and what makes them entertaining. p. 386
Into the WildElectiveLet's look at some of the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects that live with us everyday.p. 394
Into the WoodsElectiveIf you've ever enjoyed the colors of fall leaves or watched pine trees swaying in the breeze you know that trees and plants are beautiful.p. 418
SportsElectiveIt's fun to watch sports, but the real fun start when your Webelo gets out on the field or court for themselves!p. 488


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