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Disabilities Awareness – Serving Scouts With Disabilities.

Many units have at least one Scout with Special Needs, which includes autism, attention deficit disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, asthma, diabetes, hearing or visual impairment and many others. This committee is designed to offer support, training, and resources to help your Scout and unit be more successful.

The following resources provide information about Scouts with disabilities:

Guide To Working With Scouts With Special Needs And Disabilities 

For additional resources, visit the BSA’s disabilities awareness website.

Special Needs Tool Box:

Here are some documents that will help a leader:

512-730 Application for Alternative Merit Badges

Individual Scout Advancement Plan

Know Your Scout

Request for Registration Beyond the Age of Eligibility

Special Event Care Plan



Special Needs Awareness Training for Youth and Adults

Register here

Dates: Saturday December 12, 2020 at Beaumont Scout Reservation and April 10, 2021 at Camp Van.

Sign up for a new Special Needs Awareness Training for all ages. There will be activities for the Cub Scouts, Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge for Scouts BSA and adult classes for leaders and parents.  Attend this training with professionals in the fields of Special Needs and Education for the opportunity to learn how to provide the best services for every Scout.

Check in will start at 8:30 am with the first class starting at 9 am and will be completed at 2:00 pm.  The fee is $10. Receive the early bird price of $7 if paid in full before December 07, 2020 for the first event or April 05, 2021 for the second event.  Walk-ins will be accepted at the $10 fee.

Lunch will not be provided to help lower the cost. Everyone is encouraged to bring a sack lunch.

We are in need of youth or adult volunteers to help support the Cub Scout and Scout BSA programs. Please register online as a staff member if interested or email questions to:

Eleanor Phillilps, Special Needs Committee Training Chair., philipseleanor@gmail.com


Nick Schubert, Staff Advisor, nicholas.schubert@scouting.org.

Join the Special Needs Committee:

The Special Needs Committee is looking at growing to support the families and units with special needs Scouts. Please reach out to one of the contacts below to receive more information about the next meeting.

Need more help or resources? Contact one of our special needs committee members:

Special Needs Committee Contact Information

Special Needs Scouts

Eleanor PhilipsTraining Chairphilipseleanor@gmail.com
Felicia HaynesAdvancement Chaircorbinxmama@yahoo.com
Julie MonkenStaff Advisor Missouri Contact314-256-3052 julie.monken@scouting.org
Nick SchubertStaff Advisor Illinois Contact618-207-6433nicholas.schubert@scouting.org