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Red Card
Upcoming Red Card Training Day |Beaumont Scout Reservation|

Red Card training is a CPR EMERGENCY ACTION PROCEDURE (EAP) training. This is not a certification. It is only intended to familiarize you with CPR.  These skills are needed for several merit badges, but the Red Card is not itself a merit badge requirement.

Since a Red Card is not a certification, it can be taught by anyone in a medical field. If you don’t already know someone, ask around. Here are a few hints on how to find someone:

  • Check the Merit Badge directory for someone who is a counselor in one of these fields and see if they may be able to help you or know someone who can.
  • Is there a parent in the troop who is a doctor, nurse, EMT, firefighter, First Responder or any certified CPR instructor? Any of these people are able to teach a Red Card course.

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