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Popcorn Fundraiser 2020

(Click the “Create Unit Profile” button and be sure to enter the council key: 312gsla)

Popcorn sales can generate enough income to financially support your Scouting program for the entire year! Money from popcorn can be used to cover the cost of camporees, pinewood derby races, field trips, equipment, badges and advancement, and summer camp.

Scout benefits include:

  • Easy to sell product
  • A turn-key program; no upfront cost
  • No leftover product; order what your Scouts sold
  • Sales support local Scouting
  • Supports membership dues, camping programs, equipment
  • A built-in prize program
  • Great bonus prizes – free camp and more
  • Helps teach Scouts the responsibility and value of earning own way, goal, setting, budgeting, handling rejection, perseverance, skills, gaining confidence, and salesmanship
  • Customizable online profile for online sales
  • Earning a merit badge – Personal Management, Communications, Public Speaking, American Business

2020 Popcorn Training

Kernels below you will find the 2020 Popcorn Training.   If you need more supplies they are available at your closest Council Service Center.  We are having two Q&A sessions via zoom on August 25th@6 pm and August 27th @7 pm to answer any questions you have.  We will be discussing Schnucks, returns, corporate sales and more!

Questions contact Daron Storman at daron.storman@scouting.org.

2020 Popcorn Training

Popcorn Q&A Session 1 August 25, 2020 6 pm

Popcorn Q&A Session 2 August 27, 2020 7 pm

Important Links

2020 Popcorn Sales Guide

Missouri Schnucks Show & Sell Sign Up

Illinois Schnucks Show & Sell Sign Up

Schnucks Volunteer Agreement

Corporate Sales Flyer

Pecatonica Tutorial Videos 

2020 Important Popcorn Dates

  • Training Dates: July 27th  thru August 14th
  •  Unit Show & Sell Orders Due: August 15th
  •  Unit Show & Sell Pick up: September 3rd, 4th, 5th (Depending on the district)
  •  Popcorn Return Date: October 19th
  •  Unit Take Orders Due: October 28th
  •  Unit Take Order Pick up: November 12th, 13th, 14th  (Depending on the district)
  •  Popcorn Payment Due: December 11th

Popcorn Prizes