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National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

NYLT: Be Prepared to Lead the Way

2019 NYLT Schedule 

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Participant/Parent/Guardian/Unit Leader  | Required Documents for  2018

The following forms must be completed and reviewed by a parent or guardian before arriving at NYLT Camp:

The following form must be completed by the Unit Leader prior to arriving at NYLT Camp:


NYLT Incentive

Have more Scouts or Venturers attending NYLT this year than last year? Your unit may qualify for the NYLT Incentive.

Why attend NYLT?

Through this weeklong outdoor training, male and female Scouts grow and improve their leadership skills while following the guidelines of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. NYLT is conducted during summer camp.

Scouts earning the NYLT shield are better prepared to interact with adult leaders and face the challenges and demands ahead. This course is offered to both male and female scouts.

To attend NYLT, a Scout must be:

Venturing participants must meet all of the above but the First class rank requirement.

For 2019 only, an exception will be granted for girls to attend NYLT without first achieving the First Class Rank; they must meet age requirements and first attend Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST).

A Scout need only attend one of these weeks to successfully complete the NYLT course. A Scout must be at camp for the entire week to complete the program.

For Scouts and Venturers planning to attend NYLT in 2017, please click on the links below for more information regarding the course. Only Scouts and Venturers registered for the NYLT Pack and Paddle program need to use the Pack and Paddle list.

NYLT Land Based Equipment List & Map
NYLT Pack & Paddle Equipment List & Map

Charting Your Path – NYLT Pack and Paddle

NYLT Pack & Paddle

The Pack & Paddle course is conducted in the S bar F Scout Ranch backcountry and on Nims Lake during the NYLT courses. Attending Scouts and Venturers develop leadership skills, practice low-impact camping, hiking, canoeing, and learn the proper use of a compass for navigation.

All participants must stow food, crew gear, shelter, personal items and any other essential equipment in their packs. It’s important to remember when selecting equipment that this is a physically demanding course.

To attend Pack & Paddle, a candidate must:

The Pack & Paddle outpost adventure program follows the NYLT syllabus.


2019 NYLT Youth Staff Application  | NYLT Adult Staff Application

NYLT staff is a terrific opportunity for graduates of the NYLT program to master their leadership skills while having a ton of fun and building bonds with other Scouts on staff.

Scouts on NYLT Staff are responsible for running the program at their respective weeks. The only requirement to be on NYLT staff is to successfully complete an NYLT course.

All staff members must work at least one week of NYLT this summer and will be required to be there for the full duration. Be sure you check which weeks you can staff and pick one that works for you.

Every Scout applying for staff, whether new or returning, must fill out an application and also complete an interview with the Youth Directors.

Interview Dates for 2019 Program:

Saturday- December 1, 2018- Pine Ridge Scout Camp   12pm-5pm                    Saturday- December 8, 2018- Belleville Service Center  12pm-5pm                      Saturday- December 15, 2018- Cape Girardeau Service Center  12pm- 5pm              Tuesday- December 18, 2018- Beaumont Scout Reservation   11am-8pm             Wednesday- December 19, 2018- Beaumont Scout Reservation 11am-5pm

Notecard Sessions (All sessions 5-8 p.m.)

2019 Staff Development Dates (staff must attend all dates):