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Not sure who to contact? Call 314-361-0600 or email

Cohen Service Center (Belleville)
 Dee Jerashen Office Assistant 618-207-6410
 Rae Lodes Office Assistant 618-207-6416
Julianne Mathews Registration Assistant 618-207-6411
MacArthur Service Center (St. Louis)
Peggy McGartland Customer Service Assistant & BSA Outfitters Liaison 314-256-3140
LaRue Winfrey Customer Service Specialist 314-256-3000
Ritter Service Center (Cape Girardeau)
Fay Powders Office Assistant 573-335-3346
Tamara Smee Office Assistant 573-335-3346
Southern Illinois Service Center (Herrin)
Beverly DuClos Office Assistant 618-942-4863
Jennifer Kaufman Office Assistant 618-942-4863
Ron Green Scout Executive/CEO 314-256-3004
Andy Zahn Deputy Scout Executive/COO 314-256-3008
Jessica Freeman Administrative Assistant to the Scout Executive 314-256-3004
Jay Williams Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Scout Executive  314-256-3008
Field Service
Joe Sadewasser Director of Field Service 314-256-3120
Ronda Smith Administrative Assistant to the Director of Field Service 314-256-3118
Ben Brennecke Field Development Director 314-256-3092
Josh Plumley Office Assistant 314-256-3038
Team 1 (Grand Towers, Illini, North Star, and Thunderbird Districts)
Claire Nordmann Field Director, Team 1  314-256-3100
Anaja “AJ” Sander Grand Towers, District Director  314-256-3084
Timothy Lampley Grand Towers, District Executive  314-256-3090
Joshua Ramsey Illini, District Executive 618-477-0676
Daron Storman North Star, District Director 314-256-3078
Khary Floyd North Star, Senior District Executive 314-256-3082
William Humphrey Thunderbird, District Executive  314-256-3088
Team 2 (Boone Trails, Cahokia Mounds, Osage, Piasa Bird Districts)
Carl Bobis Field Director, Team 2 618-207-6441
Joey Stokes Boone Trails, District Director 314-256-3086
Caylee Cook Boone Trails, District Executive 314-256-3102
Kevin Buhr Cahokia Mounds, District Director 618-207-6432
Bradley Hardin Cahokia Mounds, District Executive 618-207-6422
 Ken Etter Osage, District Executive 314-256-3106
vacant Piasa Bird, District Executive
Team 3 (Gravois Trail, New Horizons, Pathfinder, River Trails Districts)
Claude Bond Field Director, Team 3 314-256-3024
Mike Eschbach Gravois Trail, District Director 314-256-3060
Scott Jones Gravois Trail, District Executive 314-256-3145
Jonathan Cartner New Horizons, District Director  314-256-3062
D’Angelo Ramos Pathfinder, District Director 314-256-3056
Amanda Shaw Pathfinder, Senior District Executive 314-256-3104
Zoran Lazic River Trails, District Director 314-256-3054
Justin Crain River Trails, District Executive 314-256-3048
Team 4 (Black Gold, Egyptian, Kaskaskia, St. Clair Districts)
Mark Hays Field Director, Team 4 618-207-6435
Joe Blasko Black Gold, District Executive 816-225-6201
Lauren Schuette Egyptian, District Executive
Britani Beasley Kaskaskia, District Executive 618-207-6427
Matthew Kasate St. Clair, District Director 618-207-6425
Nick Schubert St. Clair, District Executive 618-207-6433
Team 5 (Big Muddy, Cherokee, Ozark Trailblazers, Shawnee, Sioux Districts)
Jared White Assistant Director of Field Service 573-335-3346
Nick Mertens Big Muddy, District Executive 314-210-2737
Mindy Sanders Cherokee, District Executive 573-450-9983
Rebecca Long Ozark Trailblazers, District Executive 314-719-6015
Ashley Duerst Shawnee, District Executive 314-920-0621
Michael Dineen Sioux, District Executive 573-778-7687
Team 6 (Exploring and Learning For Life programs)
T’Shon Young Field Director, Team 6 314-256-3142
Fred Lee Exploring Director  314-256-3098
Julie Monken Senior Exploring Executive 314-256-3052
Hannah Knapp Learning For Life Executive 314-256-3134
STEM Programs
Tom Kroenung STEM Program Director 314-256-3096
Sarah Hines STEM Executive  314-256-3076
Camping and Program Departments
Steve Hammonds Director of Support Services  314-256-3040
Tony Fouts Director of Camping Services 314-256-3124
Laura (Roach) Enge Director of Cub Scout Camping 314-256-3020
Kim Blumenberg Director of Training & Advancement  314-256-3074
Suzie Redington Activities Director  314-256-3058
Rhonda Schwartz Administrative Assistant to the Director of Support Services 314-256-3130
Amanda Kissner Camping Program Assistant 314-256-3122
Donna Baer Training and Advancement Program Assistant 314-256-3126
Francesca Allhoff Cub Scout Camping & Activities Program Assistant 314-256-3044
Camp Rangers
Charlie Griffy Head Ranger, Beaumont Scout Reservation 636-938-5444
Vince Ballard Ranger, Beaumont Scout Reservation 636-938-5444
Vacant Ranger, Camp Lewallen
Jamie Senn Ranger, Camp Pine Ridge 618-660-7708
Matt Branson Ranger, Camp Vandeventer 618-939-6304
Drew Anderson Ranger, Camp Warren Levis 618-381-5511
Rich Panosh Lead Ranger, S bar F Scout Ranch 573-756-5738
Matt Unterreiner Ranger, S bar F Scout Ranch 573-756-5738
Jane Lindstrom Registrar 314-256-3110
Tetrazzina Smith Registration Clerk 314-256-3112
Development Office
R.J. Crunk Chief Development Officer 314-256-3014
Jim Nolan Senior Development Director 314-256-3032
Megan Selck Senior Development Director 618-207-6419
Nick Johnson Development Director of Annual Campaigns and Special Events 314-256-3012
Mark Schuermann Major Gifts Director 314-256-3114
Christine Taylor Administrative Assistant to the Chief Development Officer 314-256-3014
Janae Johnson Development Assistant
Sandy Holmes Director of Business Operations 314-256-3028
Vicki McFarland Senior Accountant 314-256-3016
Dawn Ralls Accounting Specialist 314-256-3022
Marketing and Communications
Christine Rasure Director of Marketing and Communications 314-256-3030
William Johnson Print Shop Manager 314-256-3136
Craig Ross Print Shop Technician 314-256-3138