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Effective October 1, 2014, Eagle Scout candidates can submit their Eagle Scout application electronically to eagle@stlbsa.org. Please note, files should be in pdf format and can not exceed 20 MB. Multiple emails with attachments may be necessary.

The following must be included:

  • Eagle Scout Service Project report workbook proposal page E (reflects your approval to start project containing signatures of your unit leaders, unit committee, and beneficiary, as well as Eagle Board of Reviews).
  • Eagle Scout Service Project report workbook project report page C (reflects completion of the project with signatures of beneficiary of the project, unit leader, and your own).
  • Completed Eagle Scout application.
  • Copies of completed merit badge cards that correspond to your Eagle Scout application.
  • Life Ambition Statement.

Upon review completion, your application is sent back to you electronically with the council service center’s signature on the document. You will print this document and present this print to the Eagle Board.

After receipt of the application from council, make a board of review appointment with your district Eagle Board chairman. Take your application, workbook, and five reference letters corresponding to your application to the Eagle Board of Review meeting.

Once the Eagle Board has approved your application, submit your application again electronically to the council, the council will submit it to the national office. You will be given the option to pick up your certificate at the MacArthur Service Center. Cape, Herrin, and Decatur area units will have their Eagle Certificate mailed to their Scoutmaster. Belleville area units will have their Certificates delivered to the District Executive to be distributed at Round Table.

The Eagle Recognition kit will be presented when the Eagle Certificate is picked up at the MacArthur Service Center.  Cape unit Eagle Scouts receive their Eagle Recognition Kit at the Eagle recognition dinner. Herrin and Decatur units will receive their Eagle Recognition Kit through the Herrin and Decatur Service Center. Belleville units will receive their kit with their certificate.