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Update September 8, 2023- Units will no longer need to turn in an advancement form to the local scout shops. Units will  need continue to log their rank advancements  in Scoutbook or using Internet Advancement. Scoutbook and Internet Advancement all sync with the our National system. When purchasing restricted items from the your local Scout Shop units must show proof-e.g display on phone, printed purchase order, etc- that ranks have been earned and recorded correctly. Nothing will be collected from the customer. 

  • Contact for Issues : Please contact our main phone number 314.361.0600
  • Award Purchases
    Proof that advancement have been logged in Scoutbook or Internet Advancement must be presented to the Scout Shops when purchasing Rank Awards and Merit Badges as these are restricted items.   The advancement report should have the wording  “SCOUTBOOK Advancement Sync with BSA national database at the end”. Proof may be displayed on a phone or printed purchase order. Nothing will be collected from the customer. Since 2015 National requires local councils to keep these forms archived for long term.
  • What if our unit doesn’t have a Scoutbook account?
    To use and learn more about Internet Advancement please visit Introduction to Internet Advancement


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