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Ozark Trailblazers District Contact Information

Ozark Trailblazers District

Maddie LasewiczDistrict Executive madeline.lasewicz@scouting.org
Jonathan BorchersDistrict Chair jkborchers@gmail.com
Adam BowersDistrict Commissioner mabowers1s@gmail.com
Jim ReedProgram Chairjimrwashcounty109@yahoo.com
Brandon NoblinCamping Chair bnoblin@farmington.k12.mo.us
Dan StoeckelOrder of the Arrow Advisordan.stoeckel@shawneelodge.org
Todd SiddleFamily Friends of Scouting Chairtsiddle@sbcglobal.net
Mike BowersTraining Chair mbsbbowers@gmail.com
Chris SloanAdvancement and Eagle Board Chair Christopher.sloan@bjc.org
Deena WardPublic Relations Chairdeena@farmingtonregionalchamber.com
Griffin StoeckelUnit Commissioner stoeckelgriffin@gmail.com
Greg StephensonUnit Commissionergregman380@gmail.com
Les Houston Jr.Unit Commissionerleshouston1@gmail.com

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Resources / Downloads


Internet Rechartering

Click here to visit the Rechartering website.

Click here for a brief tutorial (requires Flash Player)

Click here for an overview.

To renew your unit charter on-line:

  • Sixty days before your unit’s expiration date, select a renewal processor. This should be someone in your unit who is familiar with the members and leaders of your unit to ensure all information provided through the process is correct.
  • Your unit charter renewal packet is distributed to the unit leadership and includes an access code specifically assigned to your unit.
  • Thirty to forty-five days before your unit’s expiration date, the renewal processor clicks Recharter Now on this webpage and begins the process.
  • When the on-line process is completed, the renewal processor prints the completed charter renewal application.
  • The Unit Leader and the Executive Officer sign the charter renewal application. The signed application along with any individual applications for new youth members or adult leaders, and materials received in the charter renewal packet and all appropriate fees, should then be brought to the Council Service Center, or your district’s charter turn-in meeting.

Ozark Trailblazers Trail to Eagle

The Eagle Board meets at the Farmington Regional Chamber of Commerce meeting room at 6:30 PM on the third Wednesday of the month. Must schedule with the Eagle Board Chair.

Upcoming dates:

  • December 21, 2022
  • January 18, 2022
  • February 15, 2022

To schedule, please contact: 

Eagle Board Chair: Dr. Chris Sloan - 314.550.1672 - christopher.sloan@bjc.org

For questions about the Eagle process, please contact:

Eagle Board Liaison: Les Houston - 573.218.8029 - les.houston@sbcglobal.net

Ozark Trailblazers Unit Directory

Unit Cubmaster/Scoutmaster Town Phone Number Email
Pack 3423 Michael Bowers Park Hills 573 330-5124 mbsbbowers@gmail.com
Pack 3247 Todd Siddle Farmington 573 535-0765 tsiddle@sbcglobal.net
Pack 3471 Cynthia Pikey Farmington 573 330-5998 cmpikey@gmail.com
Pack 3160 Angie Coleman Potosi 573 210-6466 angiecoleman79@gmail.com
Pack 3403 Michelle Ladd Arcadia 573 546-0488 cjsmommy56@gmail.com
Pack 3410 Nicholas Rozier Bloomsdale 314 520-7641 nick_rozier@att.net
Pack 3404 Sean Long Ste. Genevieve 573 225-5375 shawnclong83@gmail.com
Troop 150 Mark Ahrens Ste. Genevieve 573 883-7397 ahrens@brick.net
Troop 410 Wes Huffman Bloomsdale 314 856-2334 weshuffman1@gmail.com
Troop 549 Adam Bowers Park Hills 573 701-8571 mabowers1s@gmail.com
Troop 423 Bryan Jones Park Hills 636 725-8619 JamesJones19882014@gmail.com
Troop 417 Sean Voyles Park Hills 573 731-2263 seanvoyles.sv@gmail.com
Troop 247 Ben Smith Farmington 314 283-4582 bensmithphoto@gmail.com
Troop 471 and 483 Cynthia Pikey Farmington 573 330-5998 cmpikey@gmail.com
Troop 403 Jeremy Medley Arcadia 573 697-5811 medleyj@yahoo.com
Troop 480 Jerry Payne Potosi 573 436-1870 jpain75@aol.com
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