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Learn About Nova - S.T.E.M. based awards

  • National Nova Program – Familiarize yourself with the BSA NOVA program and find all the newest updates.
  • STEM STAR Patch 2022 - New to GSLAC Scouts. Earn this patch by going down the STEM trail while earning other core BSA advancements.  Can you be a star in STEM, absolutely.  The application is now available - apply HERE!  Thanks to Daugherty Business Solutions as our patch sponsor!
  • Nova Literature – You can purchase Nova Books for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, & Venturers.
  • Nova Unit Guides – Need some help bringing STEM to your Unit? The National STEM Committee developed STEM Unit Guides for Cub Scouts and for Scouts BSA.
  • Online Nova Training –Complete your Nova training online through my.scouting- BSA Learn Center

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Unit STEM Coordinator
    •  Take the lead on bringing STEM to your Unit by becoming knowledgeable about the NOVA program and STEM opportunities.  Download here.
      USC patch sold at Gateway Traders
  • NOVA Counselor
    • Train to become a NOVA Counselor, and help your Scouts earn their NOVA awards (STEM expertise not required!). Use an adult application with position code 58 to register. Learn more here.
  • Supernova Mentor
    • Train to become a Supernova Mentor, and help area Scouts earn our most prestigious STEM awards (STEM expertise preferred). Use an adult application with position code 52 and a Supernova Mentor application to register.**
  • Council STEM Committee
    • Join our committee of Scouters who are passionate about STEM, and help us plan & implement STEM Universities, STEM Camps, the Einstein Recognition Dinner, and other fun events. Contact Logan to join!

Karen VangyiaSTEM Chair
Doug StewartVenturing Initiatives Chair
Sophia BrightScouts BSA Initiatives Chair
VacantFinance Chair
Kevin TuckerCub Scout Initiatives Chair
Ron CollettiTraining Chair
Michele ElkinsOutreach Chair
Sherry WatsonMarketing Chair
Lisa BalbesCommittee Vice Chair
Kevin McMeelCommittee Lab Chair
Steve MasakiCommittee Vice Chair
Eric VossCommittee Vice Chair

  • District STEM Chairs
    • Help us promote the STEM Nova program in your District. Provide guidance to Nova Counselors/Supernova Mentors and promote STEM events.

Sophia BrightBoone Trails
Alan KreppertNorth Star
Wesley CalvertEgyptian
Michele WissmannOsage
Frank MastersonCherokee
VacantOzark Trailblazers
Paul WinterKeystone
Steve MasakiPathfinder
Jerry FixGravois Trail
Melissa TrostRiver Trails
VacantBig Muddy
Kevin McMeelShawnee
Lisa Balbes and Theresa CollettiNew Horizons
VacantPiasa Bird
Cassie ClarkBlack Gold
Kevin TuckerCahokia Mounds
Christie BraceKaskaskia
Doug StewartSoaring Eagle
Amy KopfSioux

STEM Program Annual Reports

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